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  • wallstvet wallstvet Feb 9, 2012 7:54 AM Flag

    Perspective: how far have we fallen?

    That 57 cents lower yesterday was a huge blow. It puts us only 10 cents HIGHER than where we closed way back there 11 days ago, Jan 24th. Oh the humanity! 11 full days down the drain.

    I'll repeat my perspective for newcomers here. NLY is an INCOME vehicle, one that tries to maximize it while balancing risk. Like the overall market, its price will fluctuate sometimes with vigor but within relatively narrow parameters of BV compared to an average equity. This means you won't get rich on appreciation.

    If you're here for as high a level of income consistent with what mgmt thinks it can safely achieve you're in the right place.

    OTOH, if you're here because you think a 14% dividend is almost a "right", get out now because you're going to be disappointed. We will almost certainly see lower distributions in 2012.

    If you think you're going to get rich on appreciation, you too should get out now because you're apt to be frustrated by the many secondaries at BV+5% or so.

    If you're here trying to trade for nickels and dimes with all sorts of neat options strategies in competition with the big boys with their all powerful computers and unlimited capital, have fun and be my guest.

    But, if you understand what NLY is about and are here to make significantly higher income than most other vehicles while taking measured risks you've come to the right place. Just ignore the wild, mostly computer driven noise on days like yesterday. It's just the price of admission here.

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