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  • fstout57 fstout57 Jul 9, 2012 2:03 PM Flag


    Check out the market cap, high PE of 30, plus the salaries of top mgmt. There is no way they can afford to continue the game playing of high div. payouts.

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    • You missed that part about retiring. I dont need a "job" any more, at least not in the traditional sense. Also, ask yourself why I keep taking courses and adding degrees if I am retired? Does that sound like something a BSer would say or are they more likely to come on here and say "I am a pimp and I sleep with a different hot blonds every weekend from my penthouse in LA while driving my Maserati." How many BSers come on telling you to keep studying and to stay honest against peer pressure? Hmm. Maybe I am the king of BS and I am BSing you about BSing... how fun, this is like being back in high school.

    • The question you should really be asking is, and lets assume that I am telling the truth about my finances and performance for just a second, how the heck did this sheep guy make so much going against everyone most of the time (check many of my posts)? Or let me put it in a way even you can understand, what would have happened to you if you followed institutional holders through the last 10 years? Or how about back in the 80s? Thats right, you would have made jack and diddly in that order. They would have taken all your gains and said oh well, thats how the cookie crumbles.

      Institutional holders are mostly dolts. Only a handful are worth looking at and everyone else is there to steal their investors cash via fees and such. Fundamentals are key and you my friend have no idea what fundamentals are. All you do is follow the herd and eat the scraps from people like me. This is what a real education buys you. Not a job, not a pretty spouse; a real education buys you knowledge greater than most everyone else, the ability to process info faster than others, accuracy, the ability to multitask various inputs, confidence and finally success. I guess you can add arrogance to that list as well but Ive earned it. Of course you can always go down the luck route or find some sort of niche but how many have failed trying your way? 99%? How do you increase your odds? Education. 1st go learn how REITs report earning then come back and laugh at your own posts.

      Feel free to respond. Its all very entertaining. Why dont you tell us about how bad NLYs EPS was compared to others in the industry so we can keep laughing?

    • Hey, you with all those degrees...Did you happen to notice the institutional shares sold the prior qtr. to the latest? (46,691,600) 12.84% - Guess none of them know what they're doing either. I now know why those sheep are jumping with you behind them. LOL

    • That's great....also a lot of BS..but anyway, with all those degrees you can always get a job as a thermometer...and in your case it would be as an annal thermometer.

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