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  • tremulousbull tremulousbull Oct 10, 2012 9:41 AM Flag

    I love selloffs

    Reinvested a year's worth of dividends today at last quarter's book value.

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    • BUY BUY BUY....

    • What's interesting is that mortgage interest rates are actually rising as the Fed tries to drive them lower. They'll sell their mortgages= to the Fed and book new ones at higher rates and spreads.

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    • you wont like it when it sells off and keeps going lower and book value falls as many analysts predict..

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      • weewillie08 Oct 15, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

        That's OK. I feel sorry for all these folks trying to sell their stock, so I just put in a limit order @ $14.90. Just to try and help them out a little.

      • Jala, It does'nt matter if it falls, If your Going LONG$$$$$$$
        Like said Reinvesting on the cheap$$$$

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • ---------------------------------
        you wont like it when it sells off and keeps going lower and book value falls as many analysts predict..

        i think one may need to look around for new analysts that have a little better understanding of what is going on then if one believes that...

        I think this thing could get back to the 14's.

        and for that comment, If you believe that, then you are doing something wrong in the research department. including using the wrong E, in a ratio that is not actually what the an Mreit is valued by. you also are looking at salaries that have nothing to do with whether the stock goes up or down... as a matter of fact, if the stock were trading at 3 times it's price, the 'bonuses" which you incorrectly labeled as salaries would also be triple, and visa versa, it is counter intuitive to root for 'bonuses" to go down, when that would mean the stock price was also down. they are tied together, I for one hope the bones are $100 million, because the only way that would happen is if the book value were triple what it is.

        You consider it a buy at this price?

        any time one buys NLY below book value, that person has made a large profit some short time in the future... this has never failed to be the case by the way for 10 or 15 years... so... yes... it is a buy at this price... and an even better buy a little lower... but one thing is for sure, it will eventually trade over book value, while you collect free distributions too... it is like buying dollar bills for 90 cents on the dollar... a strange world i know, but i am not one to argue with a free gift.

        people will say well it is going down because the dividend is going down... yes, but anytime you get to buy dollar bills at 90 cents on the dollar and get even a 9% interest rate ontop of that... it is foolish not to put some of that best risk adjusted return into your pocket.

        the only question is how long it takes to go back to over book value. I am only curious as to how long it will take, as i always have been over the last 10 or so years.

      • Analysts,,, hahaha. Most of them dont even know how mREITs make money. They look at them and think that Div is higher than EPS and declare catastrophe. Not to mention they have a knack to call things after they already happened. They are a joke.

      • Book value is increasing as the Fed buys to lower interest rates. But that buying will stop when Romney takes office in a landslide win.

      • If their book drops, their competition will be crushed and NLY will come out stronger. I'm not buying on margin, so I wouldn't really care if the stock trades into the lower teens like it did in 2008-2009. In fact I would do exactly what I did at that time... buy more.

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