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  • kopach kopach Jul 12, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    Markets will collapse so manipulated

    Look out below They are a joke. This is just a casino. Never seen a market so screwed up. I see thousands of points of free fall on this reality. Fundamentals are so screwed up. Just FEderal Reserve games trying to hold up markets. Just worthless paper world wide here. Everything so over priced over valued world wide because of these world bank/central banks federal reserve games.

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    • this is why you take the pleged and pass it on to others. This will be the sign for the US Citizen to rise and bring order to a political system that is submerged with self interest groups, lobbyists, corp america and carreer politicians.

      I __________________ pledge the next time DOW is brought down by 50% or more, I shall show up in less then 48 hours at Washington DC wearing a white feather and surround the White House with locked arms with my fellow US Citizens of all races. To correct what should have been corrected almost a century ago. No longer will we the US Citizen allow men who elected by the US Citizen yet at every turn illustrate their allegiance to be for the primary interest of Corp-America, lobbyists and foreign institutions with the interest of the US Citizen as an auxiliary motive to be financial terrorists to this nation. This political regime which describes itself as "Republican and Democrats" we the US Citizen shall help exit in a non-violent yet immediately out of the White House and Congress since our judicial system has been handcuffed and become obsolete to address this nation's needs and the SEC can no longer certainly safeguard the future's of this great nation any longer, if ever.

      Non- democrat and non-Republican representatives currently serving at the local level will be elevated to newly vacated ranks

      Last names from A to F will be assigned 18th St. NW
      Last names from G to K will be assigned H St. NW
      Last names from L to S will be assigned 14th St. NW
      Last names from T to Z will assigned at Constitution Ave. NW

      Thereafter on the 50th hour we shall start to move non-violently but certainly marching to the White House if a formal press conference has not been held announcing the resignation of all current Republican and Democratic regime members.

      Please copy, paste (message boards) and email this to other US Citizens and ask them to take the pledge for the love of their country, honor, family's future.

    • Have you ever thought about getting help?

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