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  • fred_red_oak fred_red_oak May 13, 2014 1:23 PM Flag


    The dividend will be announced soon. Unless they have something in the pipe that looks very good, a dividend drop is in order. In the past they have paid more than they made, but they looked more like a ponzy scheme than an investment.

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    • The dividend will be announced in about 5 weeks. At that time Wellington has stated that she is comfortable with the 0.30 current level for the next dividend. Frankly, I'm a little surprised by her statement and it did concern me as I thought it came from a place of panic since a 0.30 dividend will not be reflective of the last quarter but is based on what she said would be selling of hedge positions taken during the last quarter that were put in place primarily due to Yellen's comment about raising interest rates in a specified time frame, which Yellen then later retracted.

      This "paying forward" of a larger dividend than the last quarter achieved is bothersome to me in one sense because it would seem logical that it would then be eating into any gains made in the current quarter by the selling of some of those positions mentioned above, but makes me happy in the obvious sense of being a shareholder and getting a larger dividend.

      I'm really surprised some of the call in analyst didn't press her more on this point, but I'm also willing to concede that Wellington is about 20x smarter than me and knows what she's doing! As a long term holder I wouldn't have panicked had the dividend dropped to a level reflective of the quarter, but it would have killed the stock price down to probably $6 or so based on maintaining around a 12% dividend on current share price.

      My two cents...bring on another $0.30...I keep banking NLY gold!

      Bobby Long

    • No, lucky for us Wellington stated the dividend will remain at .30 during the CC.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You don't know what the hell you are talking about get off the board loser

    • No. Div. will be increased. Book value is too high (above $12) and they need to distribute a nickel or two beyond last quarter's distribution to get inline.

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