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  • deepcreekcapitalist deepcreekcapitalist Jan 24, 2002 1:25 PM Flag

    bigger problems than buns.....


    like....why does SFD keep going down with superb growth and PE ratio of 9?

    Are the Murphys selling some of their stock hoard again?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Chaz2,....HAL is stabilizing now between the risk is the gap at 10.75 (BOOK VALUE), and the reward could possibly be $18.

      I day traded it and currently have no position, as of the close today.

      Since the stock appears more stable now rather than day trading it for a .50 per trade target may cut it back to 0.25 per target trade.

      Basically got to have volatility and plenty of shares traded for it to be a good candidate, and HAL certanly meets the criteria.

    • ... IBD rates this stock A+ overall... it appears SFD is just "basing"... we have a firm support just above 22...if one gives fibonacci ratios any merit, the 61.80% retracement on the gain from a low on Oct 15th of 19.25 to the high of 26.93 on Dec 5 is 22.18...

      That's my "swag"... Good Luck!

    • I think it's just an overall lack of volume. On any given day, there will be sellers, and if there is noone to take the other side of the trade, the price has to decline. Selling in the face of low volume is incredibly dumb, and always assures the seller of a costly exit. That's one of the ways that market-makers make money, taking the price lower on low volume days, and reselling when interest reemerges and prices move higher. Patience always rewards the smart investor, which may include you if you bought anywhere from the last low to here. My purchase was @ 22.25 recently, as you may tell from my first posts to this board. I owned this stock once before.
      The company is well run, and the ceo is respected by his peers. I think that the earnings estimate for this quarter is too low, and that the company will beat the 39 cent forcast by at least a nickel. I'm waiting for the release from Tyson on the 28th to get a better handle on Smithfield's quarter. I expect revenues of 1.8 bil. from this quarter. What is your opinion on guidance?