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  • jlege jlege May 8, 2006 12:38 PM Flag

    Sara Lee

    How big a deal is this to shareholders?

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    • When you next get a hankering for a "BUNG" or a Chittlin and don't want the same old SFD selection, consider this. Every year in Salley S.C. the good folks there hold an Annual Chitlin Strut where tons are cooked for a weekend celebration. They say the smell can be smelt in all directions for 20 miles. Do yourself a favor, BIGBIRD, let someone else cook your "bung" A man never stands so tall as a man who shares his "bung" with a child. Ya'll enjoy!

    • T-riv,
      I loved to comment but I'm busy fixin' some chittlins for the young'ins for dinner tonight......gotta pass that family tradition on ya know!

    • Tony,
      My father told me about those tough times back in the 40's. He told me his family was desperate for food one Sunday too and his mother was going to open a can of Spam for lunch. Luckily though on the way home from church that day they came across a road-kill skunk that the crows had eaten everything except the butt hole. Well, I don't have to tell you what they had for lunch that day! My father still cringes at the thought of coming so close to actually having to eat Spam.

    • You guys are a HOOT with the turkey and SPAM, I can remember when during the last yrs of WW II, and afteer the war (yes I'm 68 yrs young) Spam and scalped & onions, cheese and SPAM slices on the top was the best Sunday dinner we ever had, Thank God for whatever food my parents could put on the table.
      Disclosure- hold 25,000 shares holding to 33

    • Hi Jet,
      Those Carolina birds are down there in tobacco country......they're used to coughing and sneezing!

      SFD's share of Carolina Turkey only represents 1.8% of their sales. Jennie O Turkey Store is 18.8% of Hormel's sales. See what all that buying does? SFD doesn't have all their turkey eggs in one basket like Hormel.

      Oh well, I see Hormel has turkey Spam now so at least they'll have something to do with all those dead birds!

    • Biggie:

      Excuse me, who owns Carolina Turkey??? Ever hear of them??? A large processor of branded and private label turkey products. Hint.. the debt king of the protein business....Yes, the mighty Smitty. It is a joint venture with Sfd & Goldsboro Milling Company. So I guess to take a page from your book, there will be some coughing in NC & VA. I think JO has addressed the flu and has done all that is possible in precautions. Haven't seen much about it lately so it musta petered out for the time being...

      By the way Hoggie, you could try Cure 81 ham or some marinated pork items. SPAM is only one of thousands of PROFITABLE products they make.

      Got you on this one Biggie..


    • Biggie,

      Don't forget about Carolina Turkeys. Not quite the investment of Jennie O, but still could be a problem.


    • Jet,
      Wait til them Minnesota turkey's start to cough and get the sniffles when bird flu hits......then we'll see who's speechless.

    • Jet,

      I guess you are right about spam and the profit off of it. I have not eaten it since I was a kid. I have definitely matured in my taste and that of my parents. No more potted meats or spam for me. Good luck to Hormel and their spam product that seems to be their high margin, value added product. Hormel is a good company with a great history. Have a spam for me while you are flying around up there, I will stick to real meat from sfd.

    • hoggie:

      Obviously alot of people do if you look at the direction of HRL and the just recently released projected earnings reports here. HRL laughs all the way to the bank on the profits that little 12 oz can makes for them.

      Smithfield shopping for more?? They need to focus on what they now have and the sizeable debt they have incurred with all those past acquisitions. Biggie and the boys... You must be speechless....

      Flying into an airport near you..


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