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  • bestntek bestntek Oct 18, 2010 10:10 AM Flag

    'just noticed this re SFD:

    Unconfirmed Rumor that Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD) will be taken private at $27.00

    -0.17 -1.01%
    Franklin Price

    Released : Monday, October 18, 2010 9:54 AM

    Unconfirmed Rumor that Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD) will be taken private at $27.00..(SFD)could not be reached for comment...


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    • Duckmeister:

      want some real laughs. Gotta go back either 2 or 3 years on the sfd posts if you want to see why myself & t riv are just blown away with the smitty fanatics who just can't let go of their pipe dreams. Whether it was the big t bird, sfd king or bobby to name a few, they were out buying motorcycles and chomping at the bit because in their deluded minds, sfd was going to go to 60 when it was only in the 40's. See where it is now? wanna buy some stabilty and make money if it is food you are in to you, check out hrl's performance during the same time period (up 19% this year) and you'll get the idea that you can't make money on just selling fresh pork and some procerssed commodities like bacon and hams. Like hrl, kraft is also a company that innovates and makes money on valu added products whether is a new addition to the oreo line or in hrl's case, a new pepperoni snack.

      sorry about the caps! too late to convert before i realized i accidentally hit the caps lock key!


    • check that jet, it was 16.00. i'll bet ya jet it goes to 18.00 before it goes to 16.00 though. if i win.. you down a double shot of seagrams v.o., i'll gladly pay if i lose.

    • jet, i'm trying to catch a ride to twenty. i got it at around seventeen. it is a hard ride though. i really think the day traders are having a ball here. i'm new so that may explain my short sighted view. maybe i should start trading once a week to catch the ups and downs you refer too. good luck

    • Hey Duck Man?

      Before you lose all your feathers over this loser, could you and all your fellow posters who like to use market talk words/terms like "day trader" etc., in buying & selling this stock, answer one question for me and T Riv? How can you MAKE money when this stock is as stagnant as a water puddle with no consistency of risng above previous closes? It goes up one day one amount and down a similar amount or less the next day. It's daily market close graphs look like the Himalayas with NO consistent direction up to the top. It once was around 40 some years ago when this board was tooting 60's and it has been in the mid teens for umpteen months. How do you make money on a company that can't make money themselves and shovel alot of whatever profits it scrapes up towards long term debt service on over 3.7 billion dollars of long term debt the last time I looked?

      Don't get this love affairwith Smitty. Hell, the new soon to be GM IPO has more potential than Smitty.

      Just curious.


    • man!!! do the day traders know how to make it here!! but the cost is going higher every week here boys. its fun to watch though....

    • 17.00 dollar resistance, is the next number to fall...

    • the weak dollar and reduction in hog numbers sets ups the export of more product in the near future. look for sfd to make a nice up move in the near future imo. good luck

    • i read the june 18 report. it seems to me the biggest reason for the poor business at that time was the overproduction of hogs. it looks to me that the hegding they've done with corn has brought their grain prices to a more stable range. good luck

    • the write-up says china may start to import pork in the near future. it makes some sense for them to be looking at growing their production capabilities.

    • If true this is great news for all share holders, no more worries about bad hogs, high wheat costs managing debt.