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  • cbblovvs cbblovvs Jun 18, 2012 10:46 AM Flag

    looks like

    stock buyback is working. should have bought last week.....up 10% since the news

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    • Hey genius:

      Don't you have any concept of the past on this stock? Up 10% since "the news"! What news? They made a whopping 43 cents/share for the 4th qrtr way under analysts and their projections?? This stock is and has been and always will be a LOSER. At 20 and change, it is well below its highs in the low 30's for the past several years since I have been following it, no dividend, crappy performance results and you are all excited about being up10% Are you serious?? There has been no capital gains here buddy if you bought and sold in the past several years, especially if bought in the 30's; just losses.

      There are actaully posters from the past who had visions of sugarplums with a rise to sixty and a split. Really? Wonder when the last time they have had a split?? You should of been around when the Big T Bird and SFD King were around, that was like listening to the comedy team of Abbott & Costelo!


    • not a bad move for suffering shareholders.
      there seems to be no sustainability. this idiot running the company needs to follow hrl's model (higher margins) and stop pumping the stock saying things are very very good then selling a boatload of stock options he did not deserve.