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  • deepcreekcapitalist deepcreekcapitalist Jul 26, 2001 1:29 PM Flag

    $45 ! SFD !!


    Nothing can stop this company from growing and making profits. The lack of posters here is clearly a bullish indicator.

    SFD is the dominant producer of hogs in the world. Anyone who attempts to build new hog raising capacity in the USA will meet stiff zoning and environmental resistence. Thus the capacity to produce, that SFD already has in place, cannot ever be matched by anyone else.
    SFD brings in food by the trainload, economies of scale at it's purest. The hogs are fed on automated machinery and their health and weight are constantly monitored. I had a friend in this business, he got the best genetic lineage and fed them superior feed, but still, the auction prices for hogs did not exceed his cost. Only a giant like SFD can and will win in this commodity business.
    SFD is smart enough to be adding value with packaging and now 'branding.'

    Pork is gaining ground as a food source in many markets. Bacon is being used to add flavor to many burger chains.
    Hams are prized as a Sunday meal. I went to a wedding recently, and the reception dinner was BBQ pork, which was juicy and tender. Far better than the beef I had at another wedding a week earlier.

    Go go SFD, I look forward to seeing my shares split after the August board meeting.

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    • Not sure how I stumbled on to SFD but I'm glad I did. Probably through IBD. Has good IBD #'s. See no reason for it not to continue to do well.

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      • You mentioned hearing about SFD in Investor Business Daily...I was disapointed recently to see IBD only listed SFD as having 3 hog producing plants and the three year high was 45. Apparently, they don't have a good book on SFD and certainly they had never hit a high of 45...maybe before the last split. They should have said they were the No. 1 hog producing company and processor in the world. Anyone have any comments regarding the new venture into beef? My guess is we will see vertical integration into that area as well. It was good fortune to not have bought IBP. SFD can build their own beef business. 50 is around the corner by the time the split occurs.