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  • LUNAR_LARRY LUNAR_LARRY Aug 1, 2000 5:27 PM Flag

    About MWAV…

    yes please go away apparently this stock is going
    to take a while to go down IF it goes down. We know
    you haven't covered yet cause you keep checking this
    board. I hope it is not a lot of money you owe but it is
    definetly tied up right now. But you are lucky this has a
    small float and it can snowball downhill all of a
    sudden, on the other hand it can snowball uphill real
    fast also

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    • not a bad investment considering the fact that I
      shorted it around 13 1/2. the reason I am checking this
      board off and on is that I want to see if those longs
      that thought this was the next MSFT will ever show up
      on t his board. I am sure they will once this thing
      goes up a dime. and I think you should become a
      detective since you are so smart and you think everything!

      • 2 Replies to ezshorter
      • anyone can monitor the percentage gainers and
        short anything that goes up, you just have to be quick
        and get that uptick before it slides. You want
        respect then don't get on here and yah yah yah this or
        that stock. We know you didn't do one bit of
        investigation of this company, you don't understand the
        fantastic way their boards are created and you can't see
        that with the proper entry point that this could a
        good investment, remember some people don't like to
        trade all the time

      • Not bad for me either I shorted 12 1/4 after
        trying to short at 13 1/4.

        It just goes to show
        you I bought it back 10 1/2 the BID price! Some times
        the MM's help ya out.

        Although I think this
        stock has more to fall it looks like it may have found
        a base.

        So with that said it may just go up
        but I covered to protect profit.