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  • LUNAR_LARRY LUNAR_LARRY Mar 18, 2001 6:22 PM Flag

    not suggesting selling but

    you should all get ready to buy next week after the fed cuts rates
    The market is going to collapse next friday and the next week. Orcl will be 7 csco will be 16 and mwav will hit 4.
    After the wave of selling hits, step up and buy. you won't be sorry this is a chance to make a LOT of money because MWAV will be cranking along, growing no matter what happens temporarily and when the quarterly reports come it is back into double digits.
    REASONS why:
    beg of week market dow and nas rally
    feds release and no one is happy and begin to sell
    people waiting for a rally to get money for their taxes see the fall and figure out they need their money NOW and begin to sell their shares in those damn mutual funds
    the japanese banks see the selling and begin to liqudate their holdings and the fall accelerates
    the news pushes up the hype and gold begins to rise (for no reason)
    When the point that greenspan is waiting for is reached he cuts another 1/2 point and the bottom is formed. rally back to 2500 NAS

    After the San Fran 1906 earthquake people walked through the damaged city buying DISTRESSED property - they made alot of money