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  • buyuranium buyuranium Oct 28, 2013 8:08 PM Flag


    OK here is the scoop on GRZ, as a results of the Paris hearings two weeks ago both parties have until 12/23/13 to prepare and submit their summary responses that effectively answer in a brief letter format any remaining unanswered issues, mainly pertaining to total costs that are owed. By forming those answers pretty much all conceivable points of contention will have been addressed. By doing that it reduces the likely hood of any post award appeals process so the defendants can't come back and say "hey tribunal you had not properly addressed this issue or this matter'. At that point, the case will be closed and an award will be made. There you have it...

    A press release should be issued fairly soon(within the next two weeks or so) that will do a much better job explaining what I just tried to detail. Looks like we are on the 2 yard line with four downs to put it in the end
    zone and put an end to all the drama.

    Call me an optimist but I still think that this situation is unique and special and is being missed by a lot of folks. Either that or the typical retail and institutional investors are so burnt by the terrible bear market in mining stocks that we have just come from. So almost no one cares to put another penny at risk in this sector till it is crystal clear we have broken the downtrend and are headed back up not down in price. Sometimes the market can be inefficient especially when it comes to this kind of opportunity. It still fascinates me that we are in a low volume mode .

    The end is near.....

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