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  • bbkingagain bbkingagain Sep 17, 2008 5:23 AM Flag

    Live Bar

    It is now. I don't know why it's not being picked up on yhoo. The delisting back to pink sheets may be causing delays???
    From the co. website:
    "Press Releases -September 16, 2008
    LiveWorld Launches LiveBarTM, Enabling Brands To Seamlessly Overlay Social Networking on Any Web Page in Minutes

    Tulane University and A&E’s Are First Clients to Bring Instant Contextually Relevant Community to Web Pages > more"

    This program could be the ticket for these guys - finally. Make social networking easier to implement and more widely adapted by mid size and smaller businesses.

    For that matter adapted by large co's as well.

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    • Thanks BB,
      Been at work for the last two weeks and haven't
      had much time for DD.
      Have you been in this one for long ?

      Maybe we need to take out some billboard adds
      on lvwd's behalf ! ha.

      • 1 Reply to hwhx
      • Can you say " Talk City" ?
        Actually I was in and out and hung onto 5-10 shares which I considered as a free dividend or residual. I casually watched as it appeared to be heading for a slow death like many dot.coms at that time. Then in ? about '02 I saw a steady decline in costs/expenses and a steady increase in revenue which is when I got back in 2002-2003 building what I thought was a great position at an unbelievably cheap price - until recently!