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  • hulkhogansheroes57 hulkhogansheroes57 Feb 1, 2011 4:18 PM Flag

    can go to $5 and still be cheap

    this might go absolutely wild tomorrow

    if we get any volume


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    • deewar - you're hired

    • pure logic - this stock has flown under the radar since they delisted - obviously the company cares more about operations than they do public opinion and share price and that has hurt them to date. This was 0.6 to 0.7 when they delisted and we are in a time with much more facebook hype and demand for public trading companies related. The main players so far has been STVI, QPSA, recently PLPE just came on. For penny stocks without real earnings, you often judge by revenue/cap, well, STVI cap is over 15x revenue, PLPE is about 9x cap, QPSA (the leader of the pack) is 30x revenue. How about LVWD?? Only 1x revenue. That is a fine way of telling you that its way undervalued to its peers. While STVI and QPSA are showing good growth, PLPE is steady at best and 9x is a fine indicator - well take current price x 9 and you can see where this is fairly valued $2.

      Will it get there? If IR wakes up and starts talking, yes....these guys haven't diluted for almost 2 years. I guess there are some impatient (rightly so) long timers here, but the traders are scouring for facebook related plays and this one fits the profile in a big way...a little buzz and a little help from the company would go a long way.

    • Just curious, how do you derive a
      target price when we don't know what
      has stimulated this move ?
      It would be nice to atleast have a rumor
      circulating but I haven't found one.

    • the stock is so thin ,, .15 x .25 at times

      why people are selling at .15? i have no idea,, but today it looked like bigger volume was streaming in,,,

      this needs some sort of PR or exposure to get the real volume in

      volume over 1,2,3 million would get this going

      im in at .15 myself and looking to add if someone with no patience sells to me on the bid

      realistic target ,, minimum 50 cents,, high target $5(if volume comes)

    • With 33 mil. O/S this could go on
      for some time !
      This is getting fun. Been a long time
      coming, I don't even care what the reason
      is. I just hope it keeps going , I've never seen this stock green in my
      port, it would be a nice change.

    • It could also go to 6-8 cents in a flash.

      But I'll root for your theory!

      $5 - I could be happy there!

      • 1 Reply to bbkingagain
      • consider they are looking at approx 7.5 million revenue this year - trading roughly 1.08x revenue, near +tive earnings, and barely at book value, cash flow positive - STVI is trading at 12x revenue (up on large promo), PLPE is trading 9x revenue, QPSA trading about 28x revenue. Impressive client list, just little exposure - facebook hype is big and this was 0.6-0.7 last time they were current status without the fbook hype. $1-2 is not unreasonable at all IMH