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  • talkcityliveworld talkcityliveworld Feb 12, 2011 6:21 PM Flag

    Welcome to LiveWorld

    Amazing, a few rumors some speculation and a few interested parties on Investor Hub and voila' we have a board humming with conversation. Well a few posts anyway!

    Welcome to LiveWorld that just maybe looking at potential increase in revenues from the facebook phenomenon. This hopefully is going to be quite a ride if LVWD executes

    I am happy along with other LTermers on this board that the stock has finally made a token move and looks to be holding for now...

    I noticed that a few 500 sized Corps have been added, nice

    Let us all hope they have had an improved 4th Qtr over their miserable 2 & 3 Qtrs and Qtr #1 is a winner that really gets this puppy going.

    This could be our last opportunity to grow big time, let's see if management has the where withal to succeed

    Best to all

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    • Agree talkcity which is a good tell on how long you've been in.

      The concept has always appealed to me but they have always some how managed to "miss the boat"

      Maybe they're positioned for a good run but I'd feel a lot more confident seeing new "blood" at the top creating some excitement and letting the stockholders know what is happening and and some sort of "vision" of where the co is heading....

      I don't think that's an unreasonable expectation