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  • talkcityliveworld talkcityliveworld Sep 18, 2011 1:54 PM Flag

    TalkCityLiveworld to Soccertese

    Soccer, do not wish to have a long drawn out dialogue with you...

    I have been invested in the POS for over 10 years, I have had many posts over the years and to the best of my knowledge have never pumped.

    If you think because I can't prove what I am saying and it is speculative supported by a sprinkling of facts that my motive is to move "it" up. You have got to be kidding? What post have I made in the past 10 years can you show me that I have pumped. I am always very careful about this as I have been on the receiving end of this in the past.

    This POS has very little visibility in the investment community. Who would even have it on their radar? so even if I was pumping who is going to see it you and a few others that have their own opinion and are pretty savvy? Give me a break here, as Moon posted if you are not willing to take the risk of the pinks you should not be here. I for one have made this decision to follow LVWD from the Nasdaq, to the BB to the pinks. Time will tell whether I am right or you are and that time is near (2-months or less)

    do you think you are the only one that is frustrated with management? I do trust them, am I a fool perhaps for staying with this position. But one thing I am fairly sure of in spite of management being border line incompetent from time to time from a shareholders point of view they are not dishonest this is not one of their traits. To say they are is really stretching it!

    Yes, the Pinks are totally without regulation. It is the wild west but there are decent companies in this mix of chaos that have creditability and integrity and LiveWorld is one of them. The losses over the years have angered me along with the false starts but never did they waiver from their position of fairness to their shareholder's. There is nothing in their releases over the years that were untrue. The financials are unaudited and like we have discussed there maybe room for a little polishing we will never know. Would I like to have audited no doubt. Would I like to be off the pinks absolutely but not until they have a good story to tell. I think it is coming and we should learn more in a few months or less.

    Peter, from my little knowledge of him, is a very talented man and could have deserted this company for another but he stuck it out along with a few of his other managers. I do not know what this is saying as it is an ambiguous statement and perhaps is irrelevant to the management of the company but it is saying something.

    Consider this company traded as low as 2 1/2 cents in December. I bought and wish I purchased more, would I buy here at nine cents NO, why because I already have a large position and am not interested in running this company up only to have it come crashing down the result of no support.

    I am a very long-term investor also with integrity. I have shouldered my paper losses over the years and did not sell when this POS was running earlier this year. Why? I am looking at the long-term potential and am not a day-trader. A fool perhaps, time will tell.

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