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  • stevem1969_99 stevem1969_99 Mar 27, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    An Equity Commitee needs to be formed to represent shareholders of Ambac shares. Given the positive valuation of the US Housing market

    Folks, we have to remind ourselves, that large companies such as but not limited to Ambac, usually want the unsecured shareholders out of the loop during their bankruptcy proceeding. Since they often make sweetheart deals with their creditors and bondholders at the expense of common and preferred shareholders. They believe that if they incite fear, by releasing PRs that "REMIND US THAT COMMONS WILL NOT GET ANYTHING" would be enough for us to sell out our stake.....Remember, it's up to the judge and judges often change their position with enough outcry from the public.

    Anyway, I smell a rat folks, especially since all of us know that the US housing market is roaring back, full steam ahead.

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