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  • woofs_a_lot woofs_a_lot Apr 30, 1999 11:23 PM Flag

    MKTY best Y2K Play

    This is the best Y2K play stock I have found. When the world power grids struggle to survive, fuel cell home units will deliver freedom from the grid. In at 6 and happy for the ride.

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    • However,GE has a three year backlog currently on
      Gas Turbines to be delivered to the Power Companies
      worldwide, so at least short term they probably aren't going
      to worry too much.

      With their experience
      selling home appliances and in the home electrical
      market, I think they may actually make a run for it. I
      paid $2800 for a gasoline generator to back up my home
      system. Would gladly have paid $5-6K for a primary home
      fuel cell unit and have the power company as a backup,
      considering all the problems I have with power going out.

    • I'm not sure Detroit Edison is a better fox than
      GE to be watching our nest egg. I'm not sure of
      their motivations, but they probably had money and it
      seemed good PR to invest in "alternative energy". I
      really like SoCalGas involvement. I completely trust
      their motivations to be in line with stockholder

    • Sorry to spoil your Y2K new years party, but MKTY
      fuel cell technology won't help you fend off disaster
      at Y2K. There product won't be in general
      distribtution by then. Also, these are very high tech devices,
      using platinum catalysts and other complex components.
      Even if you could run it on the methane from ripening
      pig manure, you won't keep it operating long after
      the collapse of civilization.
      PS - the biggest
      risks to society at Y2K are social not technological,
      as utopian delusions mix with exagerated fears to
      produce irrational antisocial behavior. Don't fuel the

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      • 1) energy efficiency: when combined with
        cogeneration of heat and hot water, a PEM fuel cell is much
        more efficient than a nearby power plant. Most power
        plants are NOT nearby, which leads to substantial line
        loss in the power grid. The natural gas distribution
        system is far more energy efficient than the electric
        2) reliability: severe weather wreaks havoc
        in the electric distribution system, which is so
        reliant on overhead lines. The costs associated with
        outages can be enormous. The electric utilities average
        their portion into their rates, but the economic and
        personal costs of a week without electricity are enormous.
        I lose power at least once a year for anywhere from
        an hour to a few days. Friends and relatives have
        been without power for up to a week. I've never "lost
        gas" (you know what I mean).
        3) aesthetics: Power
        lines are ugly.
        4) safety: Power lines are
        5) eliminate overhead: Most of the cost of running
        the electric utility is the fixed costs of operating
        the grid, billing their customers, and litigating
        over nuclear waste disposal, etc. As customers abandon
        the electric utility for PEM home electric, a smaller
        pool of customers have to carry that same overhead. A
        chain reaction collapse of the electric utilities
        ensues and it becomes another Amtrak by 2015.

    • Thank you Yahoo for starting up the MKTY Msg
      board. The only bad thing is CSMultrum will surely be
      throwing a wet blanket on the whole idea before we know
      it. Just ignore his pessimism and enjoy the ride we
      are all going to get with MKTY, BLDP et


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      • supposed to be, the big bad witch?

      • board, with the help of yahoo of course. I

        was wondering why we had no board so
        decided to
        see if I could start one. I
        knew from when I firt
        bought this stock it
        was going to be a god one.Of
        course it is
        a stock of what the future holds &

        we're�in on the ground floor. I know I
        told all my
        friends that mkty would soon
        leave the (bb) pink
        sheet to the nasdaq &
        have a stock split. Well the
        split came so
        fast it even surprised me. We may

        eventually even go to the NY exchange in
        time & also
        have another 2 for 1 stock
        split. Of course this
        is just a hunch so
        don't hold your breath on
        this? But I
        always thought this stock has the
        potential of 40- 50-60 -70-? who knows. I

        just felt that when more people see about
        cells they may see the future
        potential as I see it
        in the world to come.

      • Bought in a few months ago-doing well. Tell me
        about fuel cells. Are MKTY's proven, etc. Also, when
        was the split effective?-Friday? I can hype this
        thing pretty good if you give me the info. Get that
        volume up.

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