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  • gdmrk gdmrk May 1, 1999 11:00 AM Flag

    MKTY best Y2K Play

    Thank you Yahoo for starting up the MKTY Msg
    board. The only bad thing is CSMultrum will surely be
    throwing a wet blanket on the whole idea before we know
    it. Just ignore his pessimism and enjoy the ride we
    are all going to get with MKTY, BLDP et


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    • Bought in a few months ago-doing well. Tell me
      about fuel cells. Are MKTY's proven, etc. Also, when
      was the split effective?-Friday? I can hype this
      thing pretty good if you give me the info. Get that
      volume up.

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      • run homes with fuel cells. Fuel cells provided
        all the energy for all household appliances including
        the air conditioner. I've been high on this stock
        ever since my cousin told me about it. He said here is
        a stock of the future & I also thought it was.I
        still think when more people like you hear about fuel
        cells, more people will see the upside of this stock.
        Nuf said today but I'm glad we now have the mkty
        board to post on.

      • Profile and go into MKTY's home page. You are
        looking for the Power Plug partnership. GE is the big guy
        here. GE expects this to be a billion business by 2001
        (if I remeber correctly). MKTY is the only direct way
        to play this. BLDP is a fuel cell play on autos.
        Power Plug is more focused (if I remember correctly) on
        homes and factories, although Power Plug does have a
        fuel cell based engine (see news on MKTY).

        the way, Morgan Stanley recently put a strong buy on
        BLDP with an "open ended" target price.

      • You will find all you want to know about MKTY at
        they have their own site and explain EVERYTHING. I was
        in albany last year and there was a huge write up
        about the company in the Times Union. It was
        fascinating! The units are no bigger than a central air
        conditioning unit outsite the house. I signed up with the
        company to have one installed at our home, and can't wait
        for them to through!
        GE is in on it; DTE is in;
        now So. Cal Gas too. This will really go places. I
        read they are/were demonstrating fuel cells to Ford
        also. Now that they have graduated from BB to Nasdaq,
        we will see some action.

    • board, with the help of yahoo of course. I

      was wondering why we had no board so
      decided to
      see if I could start one. I
      knew from when I firt
      bought this stock it
      was going to be a god one.Of
      course it is
      a stock of what the future holds &

      we're�in on the ground floor. I know I
      told all my
      friends that mkty would soon
      leave the (bb) pink
      sheet to the nasdaq &
      have a stock split. Well the
      split came so
      fast it even surprised me. We may

      eventually even go to the NY exchange in
      time & also
      have another 2 for 1 stock
      split. Of course this
      is just a hunch so
      don't hold your breath on
      this? But I
      always thought this stock has the
      potential of 40- 50-60 -70-? who knows. I

      just felt that when more people see about
      cells they may see the future
      potential as I see it
      in the world to come.

    • supposed to be, the big bad witch?

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