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  • drjackmh drjackmh Dec 30, 2009 10:53 AM Flag

    No NDA this year

    What - none of you want to look it up?????

    Or, you looked and you couldn't find any evidence. Yeah, I did, too.

    I defy anyone to present any authoritative reference that indicates that there will be an NDA filed this year.

    There's too many people on this board just pumping, substituting pure wishful thinking and speculation for solid evidence.

    If you're waiting for an NDA in the next 24 hours, you're in for a big surprise.

    Prove me wrong with the FACTS - if you can.

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    • For the miss informed, go listen to the 12-15 presentation. Spells out the business model, progress of 514 & 530, along with timeline for 2009 objectives. Culley states they "hope" to submit NDA within the month. Nothing more. Like anything else small bio, this is a gamble. Do your homework and stay with this company if you can afford to lose what you have invested. As many have stated, only speculation has moved this stock since its existance, as they have never generated revenue.

      Dr. Mac

    • Why are you even hanging around then ?

      • 1 Reply to mattpowers0968
      • Because I bought in low and I am looking for more.

        Truth is, we need a mass exodus NOW or, if that doesn't happen there will be no real run up with what's coming in the pipeline.

        The pumps always leave a crater unless they are quickly corrected.

        So that's my hope -- to see a quick correction so that ANX doesn't end up in some black hole, like NEXM and many others recently

    • you are right....this is all being rumor driven....or driven by people "in the know"....I'm betting on people "in the know" and the money trail....perhaps the NDA filing will not occur this year, but it certainly may happen in January 2010...who cares when, that is a foregone conclusion at this point....and NO, I have no factual evidence to support my statement...oh well,....its a gamble like everything else in life, except when millions of shares are being traded, and it stays above the .35 cents mark, well, thats factual enough for me.......see ya at $1 when the NDA filing goes through...... :)