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  • dlment03 dlment03 Dec 30, 2009 11:20 AM Flag

    No NDA this year

    Will this work for you ?

    TWST: Where is each of those in the pipeline?
    Mr. Culley: ANX-530 is our most advanced program. We have successfully completed a clinical bioequivalence study and scaled up manufacturing, and we are now preparing to submit an NDA to the FDA later this year.

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    • careful, this is what started this God awful rumor to begin with....a CEO who doen't know how much work and time is involvd in filing an NDA......might not be until January or February at best...then again.....he might be pressuring them to get it done before the end of the year so he doesn't look like a complete idiot...... :)

    • That's an old piece from OCT 19th and it provides no more than a maybe.

      Now, with only 1 day left in the year --- do you really believe that they are obligated to file an NDA when they are obviously not ready and it would be a race to get it done by 31th.???

      Between Oct 19 and Dec 31th there are about 70 days and all but one have been used up and you still expect an NDA on the final remaining day, when all he said was maybe.

      Worse still, you expect them to release this news when the stock has already been pumped to death and their are really no more buyers?

      They would have to be idiots to do that.

      NDA will happen next year