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  • drjackmh drjackmh Dec 30, 2009 11:26 AM Flag

    No NDA this year

    The problem is, you can only run so much on rumor and then you're dead.

    Look at NEXM -- Big Rumor bust after no news adn all it does is keep falling.

    I agree with the buy on Rumor part, but only if the rumor is fresh.

    Sell on stale rumors that run out of steam.

    That's why yesterday's premature ejaculation really pissed me off.

    The bubble burst and now it a dead-stick.

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    • Send Garz and the Gang a thank you note for the "premature ejaculation"

      They're not pumping as hard today! What does that tell you?

      GG did Good, though! They got it to a dime then pumped it up to 50 and made a lotta money both ways--and ALL ON NO NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!