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  • eqtrader_agent99 eqtrader_agent99 Jan 11, 2010 3:41 PM Flag

    Sarah Palin signs on as a commentator with Fox News


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    • Sure I did either way Beck is a whacko.

      Think about who is brainwashed. People show up at political rallies with side arms and long arms. I don't care who you are or which party, that is flat out scary shit. Then some of the big leaders of that party come out and speak to these people and they do nothing to calm them or talk sense to them? Repub leadership should act like leaders that some of them are or used to be and denounce that crap. This isn't 1850 this 2010.

    • I think you're so brainwashed, you didn't even understand the conversation.

    • Nice!

    • Sarah Palin gives me wet dreams

      the first since I was 14 years old

    • He's making millions to have you thinking that way.

      It's not what I think, it's what he thinks or at least what he says he thinks. Either way he is a whacko. That's what he makes me think. I like it when he crys. What a pussy.

    • He's making millions to have you thinking that way. All part of the plan as I outlined above.

    • Glenn Beck.. who is the only one on the channel who actually speaks the truth..

      Glenn sells gold for his sponsers, truth? He sees hammers and sickles every he looks. Most of his sponsers have dropped him and he a just a loon.

    • I'm trying to get YOU to look at both sides..

      Repubs didnt touch healthcare, because their voter base wouldn't have liked it, and it would have created an imbalance in the divide, running the risk of uniting the people.

      The dems in congress acted the exact same way when repubs had control.. it's a game, designed to divide the people. The repubs push the agendas they can get away with, and the dems do the same.. keeping us split, and them in control. The difference is, THEY are not divided, they just knowingly and willingly take turns.. even when one gets voted out, they go on to play big roles behind the scenes, go to work for big business.. it is an obvious, clear, conspiracy.

      My paranoia goes so far as to say Fox News is an element of the control. Why else would a master of marketing (something I give Obama MUCH credit for) advertise for his so called adversaries. I can't believe it was on accident, and if it wasn't an accident, why did and does he do it?

      Analize fox news for a sec.. you've got O'Reilly, who agrees with Obama half the time, rarely says something negative.. Hannity, who gets rippped up by his dem guests quite often, so he just answers his own question and throws a football.. Gretta, who also agrees with Obama half the time.. and then there's the beloved Glenn Beck.. who is the only one on the channel who actually speaks the truth.. and he acts like a nut job. So now the truths are associated with nut jobs, and many repubs are won far enough over to keep em from revolting..

      Anyway, if you look at the big picture, take the names and parties out of it, you will find there is no difference.. it's all designed for... guess what..


      If we don't recognize this, we're going to slip off in to socialism.. we're half way there already.. and everyone will be gauranteed a life of mediocracy, with little to no chance of success.. and your drug addicts will still be addicts, your homeless will sill be homeless, and your middle class will not exist.

    • Who sold all that debt to China? Wasn't Obama. We should be borrowing from Exxon and the like. Keep in the family.

    • Give me one example of an ACTUAL policy - Healthcare. Like it or not, it needs to be fixed. pubs are crying that it's going too fast. Disgisting whinners! They had years and all they did was help big ins/pharma at the expense of the' people. It aint the best bill but it's a start we can work from.

      Btw though we may not agree on all, I applaud you for looking at both sides.

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