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  • howo357 howo357 Sep 28, 2010 5:07 PM Flag

    Can you guys get along?


    To Nismo: why hunt pumpers? We're all doing the same thing. Sell at the peak to some morons such as me 9 months ago. I know some pumpers are annoying and uninformative but it seems like you just want to pick a fight. If I say I think PPS will go to 3.50, do you think I'm a senseless pumper. Even tho I think $5 is a little high now but that's not impossible since it's just the pps pre r/s even after the NDA refusal. Your opinion is trueful and reasonable but some other also did their own DD, just more optimistic.

    To serial pumpers: Please stop label people bashers just because they aren’t as optimistic as you are. If I need to blame on someone for me loosing all this money that could have help me pay off mortgage much quicker, it will be all you pumpers. That includes you Telly and quick. Of course I know it’s my own stupidity that makes me loose that much. But please don’t fool any more small time investors when the price is at the peak. I’m not saying you guys are wrong this time because I’m sure it’ll certainly go up with NDA submittal. After the jump I’m certainly there will be pull back. That’s my opinion even tho I’ll hold it thru at least NDA acceptance. I just hope you guys will state the truth unbiased. Let's just sell this thing to huge hedge fund at peak who is intending to wait for years for ANX to be the next big.

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