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  • jvenosh jvenosh Jan 1, 2011 5:23 PM Flag

    new conf.

    Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Presents at Biotech Showcase 2011, Jan-11-2011 02:15 PM Found this on bloomberg site.

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    • You know if I do get to Vegas with you, I may have to dig that outfit out of my attic. I hope it still fits me & no laughing if it doesn't.

      Thanks for the laugh, Telly, glad you enjoyed


    • Usual suspects

    • If they're getting set to present so close to nda news this could mean great news for us. Why would anyone want to hear about a drug that has just been denied acceptance, what was that called "Letter of denial?" Who would want to hear about such a proposition? If they have been denied acceptance, How will the presentation begin?

      Hello Folks, although excited as we are, this day is even more exhilarating as we have received a wonderful Letter of Denial by the FDA making us jump for joy, helping us to pull up our boot straps once again and really get to work this time for all you investors out there. We are glad to see so many of our loyal chumps. Let's see how many have made it to this glorious event?

      Folks, let me introduce myself, I'm Culley and I can see that Snapper is out there, pick up your head snapper things aren't that bad. Telly is still with us, should’ve saved your money for Vegas Telly, this trip must have hit you in the wallet but good, but not as good as ANX (rim shot) Spring stand up and say hello. I’m really glad to see the board brought Nismo with them. Nismo that's GG to your right and Quick to your left shake hands boys it can't get any worse.

      Just sit back fellas because we have a special treat before the presentation, that's right! Meeks and TJobe are gonna mud wrestle in a cage while strapped together by opposite wrists while Aferra delivers the play-by-play and special guest AJpeterman joins us for expert color commentary. Lurker is lurking around here somewhere. Soren & bottom hook are in the men’s room where all the d*%ks hang out---if you know what I mean.

      Last seen was Canuck & Allright shaking down Lucy in the lobby. While passing thru security the high-tech x-ray machine we have discovered Humpty Pumpty to be a man in women's clothing, go figure, huh?(double rim shot)

      So sit back, dig in while we beat down what ever is left of our technology.

      Surely there were many other who wanted to join the festivities today but they were held up by bashers wearing panty hose over their heads. Luckily there were no injuries as ANX die hards had TJ's hard bound copy of the Basher’s Handbook ready to defend themselves.

      No way would ANX schedule or keep a presentation if there was looming bad news.

      At least I hope so?

      glta, hopefully no one takes offense


    • Link would help, going to seek for it now. Have you noticed the amount of bashing? Think someone is feeling the squeeze...LOL