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  • telecastergary72 telecastergary72 Jan 13, 2011 1:58 PM Flag

    A few sickle cell facts


    I was looking through Yahoo to see the annual cost of the disease without much luck.Found out some other information I will pass along.1 in every 500 African-Americans ,1 in every 1000 Hispanic-Americans is affected by Sickle cell.There is no cure but read that bone marrow transplant gives a "potential" cure or at least some longevity. The disease got its name from the deformed red blood cells that are shaped like a farming tool -a sickle.Blood transfusions help but anymore and up to 10 transfusions you run the risk of " IRON TOXICITY "Which is a build up of red blood cells the body can't deal with, A blood test can be done looking for SERUM FERRITUM. It causes problems with the pancreas,heart and can bring on diabetes.Sickle cell causes blockages to tissues and organs and when that happens severe pain is the result. So with SickleCell you are dealing with many problems at the same timt. Your health going downhill harm being done to organs , shortening of your life span and pain.Can cause lung problems and bring on a "stroke". Sickle cell is a heriditary disease from one or both of the parents. ANX is in the process of getting the ball rolling on reformulation of 2 existing cancer drugs if approved that would put ANX on the map in the medical field but if they can get their foot in the door on Sickle cell any news of worth will be highly publicized and really push ANX up in the minds of people in the medical field. I have heard about Sickle cell since as long as I can remember but haven't heard 1 thing about forward steps in fighting,relief or steps for a cure for this terrible disease.It would be great for humanities sake and shareholders and value the of ANX if we could make some advancements in this struggle with Sickle Cell. POST- IMO ONLY TELLY 72

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