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  • butchismo420 Nov 18, 2011 9:38 PM Flag

    ADVENTRX Receives Complete Response Letter for Exelbine NDA

    ok tjobe09..instead of taking yur anger out on the likes of nismo, rory, soren and me, why dont you call Culley an ask em why this company has not returned anything for it's shareholders?? cofactor,exelbine, dilution, rev split, capital raising, selling more shares. in july 4.20 now .62.
    your angry coz we post the real truth..this company has nvr returned anything to it's shareholders only losses. im not attacking ya..just being real. im not the one who made 530 be rejected or even cofactor, it all lays the blame on incompetent management..what about those who invested at 2.00, 3.00 and 4.00 back in july?? what about those who are holding since before the rev split?? you dont think they are angry?? you dont think they feel cheated and scammed??? i thought the whole solid purpose of investing was to get a return. hardly much here if youve been around the block for a instead of always attacking your core 3 why dont you post your true feelings on this company after holding for so long with no return?? can ya?? the floor is yours for serious talk.

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    • Hey scuz, you still hidin', afraid to let folks know you're NISMO (the magnificent, in your small mind)? Dang, most folks are proud of what they do for a living, but not you I see.
      So you think that referring to Quickstoltz as "quickdoltz" and "quickpumper" makes you a big man?
      And you think that referring to tjobe09 as "Soren's dog" is gonna make you grow some balls?

      You deserve no respect at all because of the way you behave anonymously. You are much less than a 5th grade bully since he at least does his moronic behaviour in person. You on the other hand are a much lower POS on the scale of scum.

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      • thee toejob09 can't hide the real truth no matter how much of his pathetic existance tries. a company that is funded with other peoples money in which these companies do not care if they lose out. why hasnt there been a lawsuit? when you play with others money, most will buy meaningless items. in the case of ANX, meaningless stock comes to mind. fund this company with 50 billion and they still wont get anything approved. wash, rinse repeat. the ANX slogan for the past 10 years