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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Dec 14, 2011 10:03 AM Flag

    144 days b4 R/S.....

    ok, yet another day clicks off the clock as this lanquishes below $1.....

    technically speaking here its actually 130 days before a reverse split....since ANX has to maintain a pps at or above $1 for ten consecutive trading when ANX gets down to that last two weeks of trading, with 2 weeks or 14 days to go....if its not trading at $1 on that first day of that time period....well, thats all she wrote imho.....

    GLTA....lets hope they get some GUMPH here soon!!! :D

    please note....I'm a long term bagholder(seriously) who would like nothing better than to see this stock drop to less then ten cents and perhaps that will be the impetus to get Culley fired......asked to resigned...whatever!...the lower the pps goes, imho...the better until they get this clown out of there....anyone thinking this moron has done a "good" either insane or a paid pumper....:D

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    • I told you I was offended. No if I offended you about it.

      Forget about it. Good enough.


    • "but I know you are more than one alias here"

      Come now Butch, you can't possibly make that statement without finishing? Who are my other aliases? You sure do seem to pay a great deal of attention to a guy that before a day or so ago only posted on this board once every few weeks. If you've truly been paying attention to me like you claim you'll know that until the most recent dilution I was long to the tune of 3000 shares. I got stopped out when the bad news hit and took a decent loss.

      You don't have to have a current position in the stock to be interested. It's been in and out of my portfolio many times over the past two years. When you do this for a living you make darn sure to follow every stock you play and to follow it to the best of your ability

      I'll give you this Butch you are right about me having other aliases, but they aren't used on this board. I tend to keep separate names for separate stocks as a means to keep trolls from others boards from following me place to place giving me a hassle. In fact Nismoalti is the only ID where I've ever cross posted on another board, and that is the blockbuster board. It was by mistake because I forgot to log out, so I just rolled with it.

      So yes Butch, I DO have other ID's, but it's not relevant here because I keep them separate to their individual boards. I made a couple throw away ID's for this board sometime last year that I used to insult someone when I was going through my angry phase, but they were only used a couple times and discarded. That is verifiable, one of the ID's was named nismolaughing, look it up and see when the last time it was used was if you don't believe that.

      Since your so onto me though Butch and my game is so smooth. Could you tell me what that game is? I'd love to hear your interpretation. And turnabout is fair play butch, why are you here? Do you own the stock? Are you short the stock? Why do you only seem to post in the rare times I'm active here? That itself is strange don't you think. Why is your name a play on mine?

    • butchismo420 Dec 14, 2011 2:58 PM Flag

      I am NOT hear to slander or defame ANX. I post either facts, or at the very least my interpretation of the data at hand. Everyone is free to comment or correct if I'm wrong in my interpretations. Discussion and sharing of info is the ENTIRE point of message boards and THAT is why I'm here.


      why are you here?? seem bright enough to make $$$$$ doing this for a living, yet you spend alot of time engaged in a stock you dont you see something I dont?? all due respect..i think you play the game smooth..but I know you are more than one alias here..i think you are here for more than you let to ya fella..but im not fooled by ya an nvr was

    • Butch, I did indeed apologize to him, he can't take that away from me. I told him I was sorry if feelings were hurt. If he chooses to make a mountain out of a mole hill that is his business. I won't ignore him, I think he is a smart person and he generally makes quality posts. If he wants to ignore me, that's fine and dandy.

      I am NOT hear to slander or defame ANX. I post either facts, or at the very least my interpretation of the data at hand. Everyone is free to comment or correct if I'm wrong in my interpretations. Discussion and sharing of info is the ENTIRE point of message boards and THAT is why I'm here.

    • butchismo420 Dec 14, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

      yags mate..5 stars for you

    • butchismo420 Dec 14, 2011 2:44 PM Flag

      i got you paid .50 on the dollar for mine.

    • Yags, I do think you should not name your threads like this. There is nothing in the AMEX documentation that infers any sort of time frame for delisting. It seems to be subjective and on a case by case basis.

      It says that they factor in market conditions as well as other things.

      There is no evidence that they will magically delist or R/S in 144 days.

      From that standpoint I can understand why people might be peeved at you saying that.

      I made another five cents for this post by the way. A paid basher has to make a living somehow right?

    • butchismo420 Dec 14, 2011 2:41 PM Flag

      nismo..we both had our share of words but in a nut shell, i didnt think you said anything offensive to the responce is obvious..he is emotionally attached to this stock..this company and this message advice to you if ya will take it..ignore him and let him be..the longs on this board only want to hear how this is success company with blockbuster drugs..they nvr want to hear about the shady past..the stone cold facts..i guess if i lost all the money some here lost..i wouldnt want the truth thrown at me.

    • Quick, you'll have to put me on ignore, as I said, I like you, I think your a good guy. My statement didn't mean to infer insult. If it did, I do apologize for that, it wasn't my intent bruise egos.

    • Go F yourself boy. Put me on ignore. I don't want anything further to do with you.



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