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  • butchismo420 Jan 15, 2012 10:13 PM Flag

    112 days b4 R/S...OCCUPY ANX!

    while you pray Culley should be terminated...some like myself pray Culley is terminated..keep on Yags ole boy..When the split happens..maybe the toe will stick his head in the sand for good

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    • well, for all we know, tj is Culley...heck, why not?....if you think about could Culley not know wtf is going on with 530 unless he spent his time posting on this message board instead....seems logical to me...

      now, lets say TJ isn't Culley....well, whatever,....I think TJ is a well meaning person who will not accept that Culley is an idiot and that ANX is potentially a scam.....and to do so would make him look me....

      however, I don't think I look foolish right now...I think there has to be a CHANGE for what is really UNACCEPTABLE and what occurred with 530 suggest that it wasn't or that it was just...oh well, lets move on to other business is just...well...MORE FOOLISH than admitting there is a problem here.....

      so there ya go...I've tried to give TJ an out to start some soul searching and accept that things aren't so rosy in ANXville and not look more foolish than what he already does...after all, if they are a shareholder of ANX perhaps an organized effort to have this moron(Culley) removed could be put forth.....of course, a qualified replacement would have to be selected........anyway, does this seem harsh...not sure, but I do know my drop in value in the ANX shares I hold seems really really harsh.....

      ok, again, this is all my opinion of course and I have no insider information.....

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