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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Mar 17, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    50 days b4 R/S....OCCUPY ANX!!!!

    btw......for those with short memories...or that are new here.....please read....:D

    SAN DIEGO, April 16, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE Amex: ANX) today announced that it has resolved the stockholders' equity continued listing deficiencies originally identified by the NYSE Amex in a June 2009 letter to the Company. In part to address the NYSE Amex's requirement that the Company address its low stock price, ADVENTRX also announced that its Board of Directors has approved a 1-for-25 reverse split of its common stock, which was authorized by its stockholders at a special meeting held in August 2009. The Company's common stock will begin trading on a split adjusted basis on the NYSE Amex when the market opens on Monday, April 26, 2010.

    perhaps if Brian Culley is removed or relieved of his duty as CEO, and replaced with a respected and competent person, that may be enough to drive the pps above $1, however, at this point, unless some magic PR somehow raises the pps above the $1 that doesn't involve Culley's removal it would seem ANX is doomed for another reverse long will AMEX allow for ANX to continue trading at such low levels is anyone's guess, but its my opinion that AMEX has already sent ANX a delisting notification and ANX has not published it........GLTA...:D

    effectively 36 days if you don't count the unlikely chance this trades above $1 the last two weeks......

    all it will take to get the pps to go up is for Culley to be fired and replaced with someone who is competent....

    keep the good fight going longs, don't let the bashers fool you into thinking everyting is OK with this company....changes need to be made...and they need to be made at the top and soon!!! :D

    sadly, it appears idiot Culley has no plans of resigning based on his most recent presentation and blames the low pps on the "penalty phase" or 530's failure...thats interesting....actually, we are in the penalty phase of "CULLEY'S FAILURE" not 530s.......gee, funny how that works and blame is pushed to the drug and not the person in charge of seeing to it that the drug gets through FDA approval....after all, the FDA never said the drug didn't just could not authenticate what was used in the trials.....and yet, there Culley is....presenting away....AMAZING!....and of course ONLY IN AMERICA can somethign of this magnitude fail and the person responsible remains unaccountable.....hate to say it, but its similar to 9/11.....unfckingbelievable! :D

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    • put nothing beyond the sheer incompetence of Brian stupid moron... :D

    • You don't seem to be able to think straight or read right. AMEX does not have ANX on any list for any reason for complaint as you can see from AMEX delist warning listings. You have no clue how to trade stocks. You just proved it with your short here and your long on ABAT. No one questions your right to be a MORON but you do it everyday and in every way. Like your choice of the delisted China fraud ABAT, truly a laughable stock pick. You probably should seek advice from someone competent or maybe a mental hygienist. Never trust yourself in anything you do as you are a proven loser. lol

      • 3 Replies to trufortrend
      • btw, ANX can do an R/S regardless of whether its in compliance with AMEX or not......what an idiot you are... :D

      • tj, lost your life saving in ANX.....if there is ever a moron, its smalll position in ABAT is really not relevent here at all in your attempts to cyber stalk me you insane peasant....unlike you, I have a millions of dollars of which, I like to dabble in high risk speculative stocks with about a half million of it......holding a 5k share position in ABAT which is dollar averaged down to around $1 is nothing to be ashamed of.....unlike being a CEO of a biotech and having the FDA not approve a drug due to authentication reasons....that is not only shameful, but incompetent and criminally gross negligent.....if you weren't either the stupidiest person on the planet or a such a peasant to be paid to pump you would understand this.....

        in addition, idiot, to assume I'm short is is ridiculous because I simply don't short stocks which is far riskier than going long on risky stocks......I'm not nearly as stupid as me.......however, unlike you, I hold people, like Culley accountable for being in positions in which they have no business being.....especially when you measure his performance since he took is simply atrocious and one of the worst, if not the worst on recent record for any stock.........

        I suppose the law of averages eventually will catch up and this will go up, but it will have no bearing on Culley's doing.........he has proven to be an idiot like you are....

        so I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree as to who has more credibility here...........a loser like you, or someone like me who has no problem calling out losers like you and Culley.....since I'm not held captive by financial motives like you and Culley....something that peasants like you and Culley can't comprehend obviously...... :D

        Good day peasant... :D

      • Let's not forget to mention his believing MRNJ.PK is going to develop a NETFLIX type application.They have about $5000.00 in cash and they pay themselves by issuing stock.That is his strong buy.

    • butchismo420 Mar 17, 2012 2:11 PM Flag