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  • fishingjulie fishingjulie Feb 25, 2003 10:24 AM Flag

    Headed back below $1


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    • [Last regular session price was a buy of 500 shares @ $1.65 at the ask, nasd.]

      Nope. This a readout of the trace. The trace is a record of every action. When the BA is changed on any exchange an action is said to have occurred. When a trade takes place, it so designated.

      [The buy at the ask of $1.65 with previous buys being at the bid suggests fulcrum breakout in progress to me.]

      The last trade took place at 15:55, 400 1.64 = $658 plus tax. Some breakout.

    • Last regular session price was a buy of 500 shares @ $1.65 at the ask, nasd. The ask then rose to $1.84 for only 300 shares with a Bid at $1.63 for 1,000 shares. Neither of these got executed as market regular session closed. The buy at the ask of $1.65 with previous buys being at the bid suggests fulcrum breakout in progress to me..

    • Homoplayer is a deluded cheerleader, but what the hell are you? A disillusioned holder. What homo says about me, holds for you, and not even the BA can bail you. So you should do like that homo and shut your fuck up.

    • Referring to this:

      15:54:55 1.81 100 Ask cinc
      15:54:55 2.04 500 Ask cinc
      15:55:26 1.63 500 Best bid nasd
      15:55:26 1.65 1000 Best ask nasd
      15:55:27 1.64 400 Trade nasd
      15:55:27 1.58 100 Bid cinc
      15:55:27 1.61 3100 Bid cinc
      15:55:30 1.65 500 Best ask nasd
      15:55:30 1.65 500 Trade nasd
      15:55:56 1.65 2500 Best ask nasd
      16:00:14 1.64 500 Best bid nasd
      16:00:14 0 100 Bid cinc
      16:00:14 0 100 Ask cinc

      Notice how Cincinatti provides a phantom price on some of its posts. It's a shell game and you're being shelled, sonny bot.

    • Check the closing strength prices bids asks babe. Your gettin whipped in your own game by a lil ole amateur as you put like me your greatness from .78 up to 2.30. Fresh traders use fresh specific more sophisticated technology and yur prolly still using the ruler point and pen trying to be right. Gosh

    • Stick a fork in's cooked!
      Downward spiral from here on out.

    • You'll go bust on the assumption that there's more information in price than price. Unfortunately for you you're too fucking stupid to know what that means.

    • I bet I've been a pro longer than you've been a live.

    • So I say again, what does TA tell you when a stock breaks downside of a long trading range and cuts through the 50-day like the proverbial knife through butter? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Oh No, I am betting that either you forgot to oryou didn't know to throw into your formula that the 50 ema crossover the 200ema recently?With weekly taking precedence over daily chart with your daily chart being flawed anyway due to you not putting into your formula the 50 crossover the 200 ema. Ill post shortly key numbers and supports held. Such simplicities and using incorrect/incomplete formulas to trade on can have serious cases of WHIPSAW attached.

    • >>>Now where have I seen this cheer? Is this also part of your "healthy and expected short term pullback"?>>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You are so abusive its very painful to see you hurting so.. You Silly Goose Haven't you even noticed that I've veen posting weekly and monthly charts for weeks now, sheesh, do i have to spell everything out with you?? I purposely have been doing this so people here wouldnt be feared by short term volitility by hourly and daily charts to keep keep all focused on big picture ie. their investments with stronger more reliable trends in weekly/ monthly which by the way take precedence over hourly/ daily.. I bet you didn't know that did you??

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