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  • Ezk00 Ezk00 Jun 19, 2000 5:23 PM Flag

    Nothing more than a bunch of 100-400

    yes, but that was the day when there panic.
    Remember most investors sell first and ask questions
    later..I also believe what was dumped that day was
    absorbed by Merill and Goldman clients..I have been
    looking at the tape all day and i did not see anything
    other than very small trades coming from frustrated and
    fearful investors questioning why the stock is down on an
    up day..let's not forget why the stock was hammered
    in the first place and that was a downgrade based on
    earnings concerns. Nothng has happended since then other
    than the fact the both Merrill and Goldman came out
    defending the stock.
    I believe we're in a waiting phase
    until the company can signal directly/indirectly about
    this quarter..Since tquarter is backend loaded,
    sometimes it comes down to 1-2 deals that can put you on
    top or put you under and the company may not know
    that yet. I have more faith in Merrill & Goldman than
    Janney. Remember, even Janney said there is a chance VNWK
    can make or exceed their number..Goldman said even if
    they miss, that is already priced in the stock..and
    last, even if there is a shortfall it's temporary as it
    has nothing to do with business outlook and more to
    do with integration of the companies.

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    • unfortunately it will take a while. It's hard to
      be patient when you see RMBS, JDSU, INTC, SDLI and
      others flying high on a great day for the Nasdaq like
      today. But patience is required this time because a lot
      of people have gotten hurt and will no longer stick
      around. Also, unfortunately, the big firms do not care
      very much about this stock since it is so small
      compared to their other holdings and frankly can't be
      bothered to spend much time on it. It doesn't mean VNWK is
      not a great company, but it's not an Intel,
      Microsoft, or Qualcomm in size.