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  • say_jet say_jet Nov 16, 2008 6:45 AM Flag

    The Facts

    In general...

    Obama will be good for Alt E. only after the economy is fixed.
    Oil will not sustain the current prices level.
    Auto manufacturers have agreed EV's are the way to go.

    The company...

    Does not have contract with Th!nk or it would be news, but is in vehicle testing.
    Is working to be in full production of its battery by 2009.
    Purchased Korean Li battery maker and will show income for its investors.
    Company is diversified in the industries battery, fuel cell, nanotech.
    Fuel cell division was bought from Teledyne who has decades of fuel cell knowledge
    Fuel cells show the company is forward thinking about the EV's battery range.

    The key for this company is to work a contract with someone to buy their battery for automotive application. A big name would be better, but IMHO this company is so new that a big named company can only afford to monitor them at the moment. It would be nice if they could start some sort of PR initiative demonstrating to the public that the battery works, but I'm sure that will come with production capabilities in early 2009.

    The straight facts are if one battery malfunctions then it's all over, and that's pretty risky. On the other hand, if they have a stable product and all is well then we got a real winner here.

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