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  • Paul34_NY Paul34_NY Jan 29, 2002 1:24 PM Flag

    very little buying even here

    i remember they saying that there r buyers lined up ay any price below 4 -- now they cant find buyers below 3.

    why dont they let us in on the bad news if there is any -- i'd rather take my lumps and move on

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    • Maybe a little worse than a non-event since it gave no forward guidance on how things are going in the first quarter. My guess is we are now looking at June before we see real revenue growth resulting in profitability.

      However, I could be wrong and this could be the great buying opportunity I predicted months ago. It just doesn't give enough visibility to make me take out a second mortgage.


    • No real reason for the stock to be getting hit. Stub period should be announced soon. No surprises coming. My broker talked to Ordon last night. Their business is holding up very well. He was on his radio show last night.

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      • I don't believe your broker.
        Isn't versant in quiet period due to end of quarter.

        Companies don't give any openion during quiet period.

        What do you guys think of the report. The sales is up but the expense is way up.

        What's up with such a huge expense. When Orden came on board, he cut the expeses drastically by restructuring the sales force. Now we are back those expenses again with consulting cost they call it. Training, third party software, ....

      • Hey,
        Thx for ur reply. What radio show are you talking about? I've been trying to talk to Orden for a while w/ no avail.

        What does ur broker think about the heavy vol. selloff incl technical breakdown?

        Generally, a selloff like this isnt good. I'm curios to know what ur broker think is going on here.

        Thank You.