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  • soriatx79 soriatx79 Apr 27, 2005 11:10 AM Flag

    Nothing Wrong With VSNT..It's all GOOD!

    Call the your DD.

    MMs know your fears and capitalize on it.

    Ask yourself why a real seller would want to sell at a lower price than what he can get. Why the little 100-share lots?? it is called manipulation

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    • TSYS has a huge turnaround coming!!

    • Thank you for your reply marforton. Point taken. My point was that the 2 posters responded with a premise, and provided substance to support what they were saying. You may or may not agree with them, but they pointed out things I didn't know. At bottom, they did not respond with a "VNST is going to $10 tomorrow (with no rationale)" type post that I see from pumpers on other board.

      They are advocates sure, and I take that into consideration when I read their responses. We all know that a penny stock trades at that level for a reason, so this is speculative at best until Mgmt joins the battle again and provides clarity and reassurance that business isn't falling off a cliff. Given all the pros & cons, I thought this was worth a gamble in the low 50cents range.


    • I am sure that Marfie smell like onions as well. I understand onions are bears' favorite food.

      Maybe I shouldn't call Marfie a bear...actually, Bruno, Marfie, and Camaki are just a pack of harmless wolves (inept shorts).

    • marf. tells it like it is, the rest of u r bad paid pumpers.marf knows his onions.

    • I completely agree with Mar, your post (and most of management's PR so far) is only about as factual as rehashing some optimistic buzz that management keeps touting ever since the last couple years.

      High-end of guidance: oh that's awesome, especially with such pathetic guidance. What was the last one, 0.01c per share profit? Ooooh, we're surely out of the woods with that one.

      I'd like to hear your answer on my earlier post too. I did my part in the past on this board as to try and provide others with as much information as I could, at least on the technology part, having worked with FastObjects myself.

    • Actually I'm enjoying my investments just fine. Knowing when to buy VSNT and when to sell VSNT has helped a great deal.

      Thanks for your interest...


    • i can see why he attacked you for not being factual

      1) bears dont get red necks as they have fur
      2) bears cant type
      3) bears dont live in huts

      not many sellers today
      maybe the buyers will come back when they are convinced they wont get filled at .50

      a stabilized market would help too

    • Marforton.

      Your profile says that you are enjoying life. You are obviously not enjoying your investments that much. If you own VSNT you might as well sell and leave onto greener pastures.

      Having said that, Mr. Happy Pessimistic, what changed in the last three months?...any global catastrophe that I am not aware of? Last Q, VSNT reported on the high end of its guidance. And even with the Euro/$ exchange issues, VSNT is did a lot better than most in this board...optimistic and pessimistic thought it could ever do.

      Regarding currency issues, are you not aware that we now live in a global economy?...or are you just a red-neck grizzly bear living in a hut near St Helen volcano that does not what a global economy is?

      Just curious..

    • Hey Smoothjazz0204

      You've thanked Soriatx and troller3k for backing up their responses with substance and fact.

      While reading those posts, there are parts that state, "I expect...", and, "the company says...", but I dont see a great deal of substance or facts in any of those posts that actually say how the company expects to achieve any of their goals. I'm not saying that they are not going hit their goals or that I dont want all of those great things to happen. All that I want to understand is how all of these magical things are going to happen. There seems (to me anyway) to be more substance and fact to contrary than to the positive.

      I'd especially like to better understand how participating in the Eclipse project (freely distributed without cost) will lead to material revenues.

      Please point out any facts that you are referring to...



    • Do yourself a favor, wake up and smell the coffee for once.

      After a full economic-cycle rebound after the 2000-02 recession, nothing good has happened for VSNT. On top of that, the economy's going to slow down (at least a bit), IT spending in companies will be down, so VSNT's product will be the last in line for the pennies left to spend.

      Add to the mix a bunch of acquisitions which never seem to create any synergies or whatever buzz word they try to use. Not to mention that the BEST PR they can find is news about stupid conferences or to tout something about a new standard they are complying to, which proves how pathetic and desperate they are for good news. Btw, when was the last time you heard about a major NEW contract (not some old rehashing)?? Even after restructuring and cutting costs, it's still not profitable. This company's barely SURVIVING.

      Stock Price:
      This stock was at the same price range in 2003. Two and a half years after we're still there. Except for the strong bull market in mid half of 2003 (where everything went up anyways, junk stocks included), it has been under a dollar.

      Then, if you're still not convinced, look at the full range chart (max) in yahoo. A nice BIG downtrend all the way from 25$ to 60c.

      Face it, this company has been struggling forever, management does not have what it takes to make it happen.

      The most funny in this story (or saddest) is the story (pumping) stays the same, only the faces change.

      Now let's hear what you pumpers have to say, I'll most likely be called a "basher"...

      • 1 Reply to bruno_d_man2003
      • You're not a basher Bruno,

        I think you are correct on some points.
        However I think you are wrong about one thing.
        Versant has not had anything material to say and they haven't.

        They are a work in progress. Times change and products change. They have to keep advancing to keep up. Sales will come soon enough.

        If you give up I understand.

        Pay close attention; No management on the inside has dumped the stock. Nick and Mr.White from Poet have over a million shares.

        And they haven't filed to sell as of this past quarter.

        It's frustrating but remember what stillsinging01 said .

        "If you buy when you most scared you get you best return"

        >>> IMHO a small cap fund manager got tired of waiting and dumped 500K shares.

        I'll tell you how you'll know' If versant quietly walks right back up the ladder to $.70 or better.

        I say wait for a confirmation and then buy.


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