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  • gem123ma gem123ma Nov 6, 2006 11:34 AM Flag

    keep your shares

    it�s nothing special here, buying and selling dried up lately, now MM are playing around. in a few days we hear about q-call and we are heading north again. just for fun: try to buy at bid. it�s impossible.........

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    • ok it is done. almost. i sold my vsnt position. bearish sentiment is way too high. i would think vsnt is going to test old lows from august.
      i am short. markets ran up too fast. stop over and away

    • i guess our seller is history. i hope he was short lol............
      vsnt gooooooooooooo even with a diluted dollar an interesting company.

    • well we are not above 19 but i would say it is still good enough. maybe momentum brings us back to 20 and i am happy again.....(yeah i hold a huge position lol)

    • Volume is tapering off. Looks like we will have about 50 to 60 thousand in volume. Which is about 2 percent of the float. I am a big believer of the 10 percent turnover rule on selloff of companies. We are almost to that point, so I believe that today's low is the floor. A close above 19 would cement that for me.

    • well i would suppose we need at least 100000 shares traded. maybe 150000. then i call it a bottom. institutions own 30% nowadays. someone think vsnt is too risky and dumped it.
      three weeks ago vsnt traded as high as 23.71 and is now at 18.25. last two weeks only 200000 shares changed hands. thats nothing. i guess we are going to see a wild ride in the next 8 weeks. 17.12 could be a sort of bottom. on a weekly chart. if we can close above 19.00 it would be very bullish. this is our support and maybe soon our restistance.

    • I'm getting bent over by VSNT, don't look at it for the rest of the day, VSNT will be back.

    • that hurts..........................
      but i am holding my position. vsnt is cheap. i hope we close today on high volume. pleasssssssssssse.

    • well i have to commit. i did not expect such a violent move.
      we had virtually no support from 25 to 20. last time we touched kc lower channel was in nov 06. this time we broke kc easily. what triggered sell off?
      i have no idea. all i know it happened on almost no volume. it happened with other small software stocks as well. overall market is overbought as well.
      witte turned vsnt around. prospects are bright. earnings are rising big time. maybe they raise earnings this q again. q4 is always a strong one. though q 3 maybe a little bit on the soft side. but i thought q2 is on the soft side as well :)))

      market maker can manipulate such a thinly traded stock as vsnt is. but i do not blame them.
      as long as vsnt delivers good numbers it doesn�t matter where the stock is trading. at the end of day we are going to see a fair value for this stock.
      a p/e of 15 should be fine as well for such a software company.
      i am pretty sure we are heading north fairly quick, because we moved way too fast south.
      22 - 23 area should be in reach in the next 2 weeks.

      i am not happy with a lot of volatility lately but i guess this is something i have to get used to it.

      cu in august.

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      • i still stick to my headline.
        excellent quarter. outlook looks a little bit conservative. especially we are talking about q4 - thats usually a strong q.
        i worry a little bit about the size of deals - one big customer means much more risk - we had this earlier - a blow out q and another one for the dumpster. but still this is a superb investment in a credit crunch scenario.
        keep your shares!!!

      • funny to read my post from 24th of july.
        a lot happened since then. i sold most of my vsnt few days ago. i was pretty sure we test lows around 19.20 again. now we broke through 19. well thats not encouraging. on the other hand as long as we are trading on low volume i consider it is not a versant thing, we have to blame overall market.
        but maybe it is better to stay away as long as we do not know what is happening with overall market.............

    • Oops, I meant June 2005

    • I bought my first shares at $0.32 in June 2003. I added and sold, added and sold, and so on.

      Bought back in some shares at $16.35 on March 6th. A rather small position; just some free shares for fun.

      And indeed, I have the impression that the revenue stream is increasing...


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