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  • downbutnotbeaten downbutnotbeaten Jan 18, 2000 3:49 PM Flag

    re: god vs. dd

    with all due respect for the number crunchers out
    there I don't think you have any idea what you are
    talking about. If you guys think that just cause you read
    some bulletin board and added 1 and 3 and got 4 that
    you have anymore insight to the ODBMS market or the
    future of VSNT then you are more misguided than those
    you preach to. Cut the crap. It is a gut feel for all
    of us. I frequently see insiders err and sell too
    early or throw good money after bad. If they don't know
    then you don't know.

    Now, I don't think
    telecosmic should invest based on gut feeling, but I really
    hate your hollier than thou attitude. May be he has a
    connection to god. How the hell do you know?

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    • numlock77 wrote:

      > Believe me O Lord
      when I say that I alone,
      > among all your

      Change the position of two letters and
      turn SERVANT into VERSANT.

      Just a
      little thing I noticed.

    • O Lord, God, Holiest of Holies, please enrich me,
      Thy most humble and pious of servants. I beseech Thee
      O Lord to cover my eyes with krugeraands, so that I
      may see no evil; jam my ears with Suzanne B's, so
      that I may hear no evil; and choke me with stock
      certificates so that I may speak no evil.

      Then make my
      pockets, O Lord, divine recepticles into which you direct
      copious amounts of gold, the very root of all evil in
      this your most perfect of worlds. I willingly accept
      the terrible, terrible burden of dispensing with it.
      I'll, like, help the blessed poor, and all. Trust me.
      Believe me O Lord when I say that I alone, among all your
      servants, am the most deserving of this special

      Really, Lord. REALLY.

      I mean,
      Christ Almighty.


    • ...going on on this board. At least it isn't

    • I promised to stick to news, earnings, tangible deeds etc. Well, we got some news this morning. Seems like VSNT is keeping busy. Let's see what happens.

    • The assertion is that since we are all to some
      extent winging it, then using divine inspiration to
      guide one's investing should be as good as any other
      method. From a logical standpoint, this would make sense
      if you accept up front that ALL methods of
      predicting stock performance are equally effective.

      Personally I like to think that if I invest "wisely" (e.g.
      using research, common sense, diversification and good
      timing) instead of using blind faith I'll come out ahead.
      But I realize I'm probably self-delusional. I've seen
      articles that show that over time picking stocks at random
      is just as effective as "wise" investing because
      long term, the market always trends upward.

      then we are left with only an ethical question: is it
      appropriate to ask the Big Guy to help fill our pockets? For
      example, I could recite this simple daily

      "Oh Jesus, I beseech thee: enrich me, your must
      humble and deserving and poverty stricken of
      servants...Fill my 401k to overflowing with a succession of
      Blessed Ten Baggers..."

      The problem is, Jesus
      espoused poverty; thus, invoking His name to assist me in
      filling my pockets sounds like (oh how can I put this
      gently?) sanctimonious, hypocritical crap.

      • 1 Reply to numlock77
      • I think you are taking someone else's mindset and
        superimposing it on your world view and confusing yourself. My
        father is relligous. Once we went to a store and they
        accidently gave us a $5 item for free. On the way home I
        discovered that fact and upon telling him he insisted that
        we drive back and return it. We did while I
        complained about how nit-picky he was being. I told him it
        was a gift from God and he should just accept it.
        Later he told me if God is going to give he wants the
        $1 million not the small stuff.
        Jesus did not
        espouse poverty by rejecting money. He was free from it
        so he could play the game or not play it. There is
        nothing non-religous about wanting a good life. What can
        be non-religous is the extent you go to to have it.

    • on VSNT that is mixed with my Holy Spirit
      investment strategy. I apologize if I ruffled some feathers
      but maybe that was the purpose. I simply cannot
      portray myself as something I am not. I am not a good
      investor. I am a total zero without God's direction. Why
      not incorporate God with investing? It has worked for
      me. When I stray and make decisions on my own, I
      goof. I definately am affected by doomsayers and people
      who seem to know what they are talking about in
      regards to VSNT, XML, ODBMS, and all that. Yes, it does
      take balls to invest in this company or any company
      for that matter. Why not take the burden off one's
      shoulders and let someone else make the decisions for you?
      If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you know
      what I am talking about. I am definately not saying
      that VSNT is a Godly company or a company driven by
      God. I am saying that I pray for direction in regards
      to what stocks to pick and without getting into how
      my prayers were answered in regards to VSNT, this is
      the stock I was dealt. Keep in mind, I am in the
      negative on VSNT but as long as I keep the focus away from
      the doom and even the high expectations, I think
      things will work out. From here on in, I will stick to
      the facts, earnings, deeds etc.


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