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  • kneavewright kneavewright Jun 28, 2000 11:21 PM Flag

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    • managment doesn't buy in their own stock at the current level
      Any comments?

    • First of all, thank you vsnt_in_motion for your

      VSNT is very new in eCommerce world and I think it has
      a good chance to gain some market share depending
      on management execution.

      VSNT has been in
      telecom sector for a long time and already has a big
      market share. The reason I said saturated is because,
      VSNT hasn't been able to show or gain any significant
      growth in this market for awhile. They also went close
      to distinction about a year ago.

      So, I am not
      counting on telecom sector as much as you do. Only hoping
      on gaining a good chunk of eCommerce market share
      and not just any marginal success.

      So I like
      to ask anybody who knows about VSNT ODBMS and XML
      product, is it good enough to compete in b2b market
      specially going head to head against giants like Oracle and

      Or should we just hope for a takeover.


      the champagne, Gary Rhea is officially gone! This is
      the greatest news since they went public.

      anybody know lwho is filing his shoes?

      I hear that
      some of the sell side analysts at Josepthal and SG
      Cowen hated this man and refused to follow the stock
      because of his presence, any truth from the old ex
      versant shareholders?And do not worry about Q2, it was a
      dandy one.


    • Let's look at VSNT's b2b prospects objectively.
      The b2b tools market is projected to grow to $5
      BILLION within the next few years (see Note this is for b2b *tools* alone.

      already has the technology to compete in the b2b tools
      space, and they are improving their b2b tools all the
      time. The b2b tools market is young, still wide open,
      and with a market this size, VSNT doesn't even have
      to be a major player. What I'm saying is, even if
      VSNT snares only a fraction of a percent of the $5B
      b2b tools market (which, at the very least, they
      will), they stand to make a pile of money.

      for the telecom market, VSNT's other major revenue
      source, it is *far* from saturated. Demand for telecom
      resources and wireless hookups will at least double within
      the next few years (see and

      the way I see it, the growth in the telecom sector
      will already be sufficient to ensure VSNT's success.
      If VSNT is even marginally successful in the b2b
      tools market, that's pure gravy.

      Best of luck...

    • database is better than a relational

      Is it that it is easier to control or programme?

      I have got vsnt at around 12 and I think it should
      recover when they start getting some sales, needs a major
      win to get them noticed.

      • 2 Replies to nrajani
      • than relational databases because it's *far* more
        efficient to manage complex interrelated data with an
        object database than with a relational database. Not
        only far better performance, but faster time to
        market, since your developers don't have to write reams
        of code to convert your data into and out of
        relational form.

        Telecommunication companies were
        among the first to recognize the advantages of object
        databases. As a result, today ALL telecoms use object
        databases. And 9 out of 10 of telecoms use VSNT.

        the telecommunications sector continues to grow
        (think cell phone applications, think wireless internet,
        think Internet2), the demand for the performance that
        object databases provide will only

        Outside the telecom market, the recent advent of XML (the
        language of the b2b revolution) is increasing the demand
        for high performance complex data management. XML
        data is exactly what relational databases databases
        cannot handle well -- lots of complexity, lots of
        interrelationships. Because of this, object databases are emerging as
        a great front end for capturing, caching and
        processing XML data streams for the slower relational
        databases running on a mainframe in a backroom. This is the
        reasoning behind VSNT's recent (and smart) push into the
        XML space.

        Basically, object oriented
        databases are a solid infrastructure technology for the
        exploding telecom sector and more recently for the emerging
        b2b sector.

        As you may suspect, I'm bullish
        on VSNT. There are solid technological reasons why
        this company is a good bet. If you can hang on, I
        doubt you'll regret it.

        Hope this helps...