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  • insttrader2 insttrader2 Apr 18, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

    Listen up dummies...

    I bought 200,000 last year right around here and made a quick double. The company will announce something soon that should change investor sentiment which has been horrendous. I have flipped this pig now 5 times. Ask Social. Meet is not going out of business just suffering from some execution problems. The analogy to Myspace is so misplaced I won't even discuss it. So I sit on the bid. Feed me your 100 and 200 shares. I will be back all week. I might be lower I might even chase it. I said I wanted 200,000 I got almost 30k today

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    • I started buying some today also. Looking to dollar cost average over the next few sessions. I am going to put some buy orders in below $1.50 in case there is a final flush. Have an order in above $2 also. That way if it has a quick reversal I don't want to miss the boat.