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  • blh5387 blh5387 Dec 10, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    MeetMe's FB/Twitter Presence

    I emailed Joe Hassett, IR person at MeetMe, about MeetMe's ironically pitiful social media presence. Their Twitter page has not been updated since April; their FB page since May. This is inexcusable for any company, but ESPECIALLY for a company in the heat of the social media arena. Doesn't make the company look like they have any marketing presence, doesn't make them look like they know anything about social media. Further, it certainly doesn't shine a good light on the company from a prospective investor's standpoint.

    No response from Joe yet, and I don't know if I expect one. Pretty egregious for 2013 (almost 2014).

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    • The management may not care about what you say here or when you call them. The only way that could be changed is to write to the Board of the Directors. Then they will care or get fired.

    • If you really want to know how out of touch these folks are, just create an account on MeetMe and watch what happens for a short time. Most of the nice little features on here that USED to make the site unique are gone. Many of the ads are "in your face" and all but impossible to avoid getting re-routed or a loud one starts up that you never moved your cursor near. Add to that a non-stop parade of scammers, many friends constantly complain of viruses they got on the site, and NO help facility or a "report a problem" like other such sites. Meet likes to tout how many new subscribers they add each quarter, but with as many friends as I have had to leave...especially in the past year or so, I cannot help but wonder what their churn rate is.

      Sure, there is potential here, and I understand many of the changes are to try and simplify the code as well as facilitate better mobile apps, but the problems are still there and it seems no one is at the helm...or anywhere on the ship for that matter!

    • Like I have stated you have a very inexperienced management team. Cook has never been in a public company much less been in control. This management team will take this company no where but the dump. Dead money here. Notice you have heard nothing lately about international growth??? because there is none. No one on the management team has any international experience much less done any business outside of the US. Pitiful that a public company has a board that want act on behalf of the shareholders and put someone in charge that has the experience to take this company to the next level. Sad situation

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