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  • white_sox_curse white_sox_curse Aug 26, 2008 2:16 PM Flag


    " I am somewhat confused as to why TBSI keeps dropping"

    No confusion. THe MM boys know how to manipulate a stock especially on low volume days. TBSI has relatively low public trading float & is tied in too much to the BDI. No matter how much they earn, there are not enough buyers to overcome the MM boys shorting. My recommendation would be to be patient until it goes to $40 & then sell. That price seems like the upside resistance point. Hopefully it will get there by early October.

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    • So you buy a dollar for 50 cents, you know it's worth a dollar, but you are willing to sell it at 75 cents?

      In my example it compares to: You buy TBSI at $28, it's worth $72 (or more depending on assumptions), and you decide that $40 is the right price to sell.


      My immediate thought is, where did you get a $40 number from? You own a share of a company. Do you know what it is worth? If not, why did you buy it? It makes no sense to buy something when you don't know what it's worth!

      If you bought it with the hope it will move higher (ie greater fool somewhere out there), you may or may not be right. Do you want your financial future dependent on the chance of finding a greater fool? do you want your financial future dependent on the presence or absense of another person being out there?

      It amazes me. People will spend more time researching the value of their vacation package than they will researching the value of the stocks they own.