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  • booyababy2 booyababy2 Oct 16, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    You site OLD info? Your joking right?

    You barf up a post from Sept 4th regarding insider info and claim that your creditable? What a joke! Insiders are always selling, especially a stock like O which is not held for its capital gain potential but its steady income potential.

    So your premise is laughable to begin with and now it's old...really old! The info on insider info is how old now? Frankly, if insiders weren't selling then I'd be worried.

    Your obviously not very knowledgeable when it comes to investing.

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    • "Your joking" should be spelled "You're joking."

      "Frankly, if insiders weren't selling then I'd be worried."

      That must be the oddest statement I have ever heard. Yes, insiders get options and then sell. Insiders also own less than 1% of thec company. None of these are good signs. If they thought they could make money on the share, they would hold them and collect the dividend. Doesn't sound like they have much faith in the company.

      kaptain lou

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