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  • beepeeess beepeeess Dec 5, 2013 11:04 AM Flag


    YOU SONS OF #$%$! I can't even get food stamps or unemployment, even though I should. I put everything into this stock at 37.77. I don't even know if I'll have enough to pay my taxes next year. I can't believe you're just going to sit there & let this stock drop without doing anything. So you're raising the dividend this month & are going to report good earnings at the end of the month. Is that really going to be enough to save this stock? I've seen Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. & Herbalife Ltd. get knocked way the hell down, and now they're at all time highs. Why can't this stock do the same? Realty Income didn't have near the controversy Herbalife had. Realty Income is falling a lot slower, but more surer than Herbalife. How should I have bought Herbalife or Nu Skin, but not Realty Income? Who the hell buys door to door health & beauty products? We already know who rents from Realty Income. This stock is acting as dumb as women act when it comes to men.

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    • if you are unemployed, you should not be gambling on risky sub prime real estate stocks like this one. Just look at what has happened

    • Pretending that your post is real, its not prudent to have a portfolio of one & only one stock. If you're looking for a monthly dividend check there are plenty of stocks out there that do that. Spread the risk.

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      • All the monthly payers I know of a way too risky. Even PSEC, with a BBB- rating is still risky because it doesn't own solid assets. I need something solid. WSR, PSEC, etc., none of their dividends are fully covered. PSEC will run of of excess dividend funds eventually. If PSEC isn't currently covering dividends with current monthly income, then it's possible they may never be able to again & when excess funds run out, they'll be paying using return of capital, which will destroy the company eventually. Realty Income has always been able to cover dividends. I can't afford any risky asset. Realty Income maybe risky, but so far, it's proven to be non-risky as far as dividend coverage goes, and the company itself. All other companies have traded on thin ice many times and are currently doing so. Realty Income's stock performance has acting like a risky investment, but the company itself, so far, hasn't been risky. They take risks, but it's overall always worked in their favor.

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