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  • bryan_techeam bryan_techeam Dec 26, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    shorts are having a blast

    shorts are driving this down real easy.

    I'm going to have to dump what I have if they keep letting shorts do this.

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    • *sob*

    • Useless to try and short this stock or get anybody else to on here. Not much traffic in here and this stock has hit its 50 day low price for the year shot past it and now on a rise from there. Like I posted last week when I bought in this wont go lower than $2.47. Now $2.50. The 50 day price is rising. Which means the higher it rises the least amount of money you'll make shorting it from $2.50 on up.

      Today it was expected to dip back down and meet up with the weekly 50 day price which is at 2.85 (on little volume) then bounce off of that price and rise back up to 2.90 into close. If you wanna short this you probably should wait until it rises past 3.50 for any real profit. It might hit a small resistance level from there and then keep heading back up for $5 going into 2013.

      January through March are not good months for shorts. Only the dumb shorts are shorting a stock that's fell all year and then hit rock bottom in December. All stocks like PGNX that fell all year long, hit rock bottom in December and November, then rise on strong rallys heading into the next year. GRPN NOK and a hundred others are doing the same thing. They bottomed out in November. PGNX bottomed out last week. That was the best time to get in it. You wont see $2.50's and $2.60's again.

      You gotta find one that's at the top or middle of a falling trend. And still has room to fall.

      Just saying... (shrug) take it or leave it. Your loss not mine. The only thing you shorts can do on this board is wait for the squeeze

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