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  • brunopuno brunopuno Jun 18, 2012 12:11 PM Flag

    $312,000,000 ? REALLY?!? . . .

    overblown analogies are historically not a prudent rationale for investment decisions. this price action is obviously bonkers, but for anyone considering this, understand that they are a LONG ways away from 'printing organs,' the hyped-up extrapolation of their tech that has captured the imagination and money of a whole bunch of retail investors lately.

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    • they have actually printed blood vessels.

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      • Looking at decade or more before any organs. I posted the article below back in April. As I and others have posted, it's all about the agreements. Currently 2, may be just one if no news is released about an extension or new agreements. Others want to know how much for an agreement, just review SEC filings and you'll get a sense.....

        With bioprinted nerve grafts having already been implanted into rats, Organovo anticipates human trials of bioprinted tissues as early as 2015. Before this time, the company expects its first clients to be medical researchers who will be able to test drugs on bioprinted organs produced by the Novogen MMX.

        Within a decade or two, Organovo and other bioprinting pioneers anticipate the development of a wide range of tissue-on-demand and organs-on-demand 3D printing technologies. These could drastically reduce organ donor waiting lists and so improve the quality of life of many individuals. A great deal of research still needs to take place in order to produce viable living tissue for transplantation. Yet with the 3D printing industry now seriously starting to take off, it is a fair bet that its bioprinting twin could become an equally transformative technology sometime next decade.

    • Overblown or not will be know at some future point - not today. Yes, the stock price action is unusual. That's all that can be known about it.

      The business proposition is NOT whether or not they will be able to print organs. It IS the fact that they have the fundamental issued IP portfolio, and have demonstrated the ability to create model 3d tissues that can be SOLD to pharma to deliver repeatable/affordable pathological/histologic tissues with the potential to beneficially disrupt the cost/risk/timeline to test new drugs. What would pharma pay to be able to test small molecules in an array of 3d human mini-liver analogs without having those analogs be within living humans?

      The business of tissue engineering and printer sales is a huge additional upside, but the co is focusing on revenue producing scalable opportunities.

      Will the stock go up? yes, will it go down? yes. So what. This is my option, and yours is also an opinion. Neither opinion matters. What happens is what will happen.

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