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  • pdb0 pdb0 Jan 9, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    "Never get fooled again..."

    As Dubbya said, "Fool me once, uhhhh never get fooled again..."
    I can't be the only long-holder who's seeing this pattern of hit-and-run pump-dumps. DDD and SSYS have also had this to a lesser extent. I think this will be a simlar story to when ONVO spiked over $3 last time, but with less of a clear plummet 'dump-side'. To be on the safe side, I sold half my ONVO and DDD/SSYS because I'm getting bearish now and reckon there's a better chance of the whole sector taking a 20-30% slump as the honeymoon ends for new investors in an increasingly overpriced market. ONVO I reckon will settle down again except with the floor at more like $2.5 - $3. Unless it hits the NASDAQ and then all the bets are off...

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    • mentioning this obvious scam with those revenue-producing companies just because their names have been periodically mentioned in the same breath during discussions of '3d printing' is a big mistake. this company is a no-money-making stock scamorama that capitalizes on the hype surrounding the allure of PRINTABLE ORGANS! CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!?

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      • please provide proof that this company has no revenues. If you have proof, then indeed it is a scam since their quarterly reports show 7 figure revenues.

        Not cash flow neutral, but a mil is exactly one mil higher than "no-money-making-stock"

        For the record, ONVO itself has never compared itself with the mainstream 3d printing companies - since the marketplaces, opportunities and technologies are COMPLETELY different.

        NONE of the other 3d printing companies nor ANY other company can surmount ONVO's IP portfolio in the next 17 years. If ONVO continues to build its business as they HAVE BEEN so far, then they will have NO competition as long as the rule of law remains in place.

      • men will never walk on mars either because it is a scam that men walked on the moon.....bruno, you can see no farther than the end of your nose

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    • I got in this shortly after the private offering at $2. I watched it run to $10 and settle around $9.50. I really thought being a new stock that people were taking notice! The day I was on the computer for a couple hours jumping into another stock, this was literally in the $4 range when I got back to it. Then dropped more. Realized too late it was dilution from the first batch on unlocked warrants. I knew the next batch would come in October, and sure enough it jumped to $3.50 before dropping again. That made the last batch due for sale in..... January! I plan on getting back in, but not until these games are over with. Then I will buy-and-hold and see if this company doesn't make it BIG in the 5-10 year range. JMO

    • d_john42 Jan 9, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

      I’ve watched the same pdb0, and being fairly new to this I tend to sit tight and ride the waves because in my first few years I was very sporadic and acted too quickly several times. And I agree, while there is pullback after every run it is usually less than the previous run generating a gain. I can’t touch SSYS or DDD and haven’t followed them as closely as I have this but would strongly disagree that the market is overpriced and that they are on a honeymoon. The full potential of 3D printing is not fully realized yet and more importantly it has been accepted or even offered to many arenas where it would prove useful while profitable. If I had 'tens' of k's laying around I’d be in DDD SSYS up to my ears. All opinion, HO, Just wanted to toss it out there

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