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  • petermulsh petermulsh Jan 19, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

    Why is this stock increasing so rapidly

    Is this in affect from onvo buying back their common stock or because many more people are finding out about this stock. Will this last much longer? When is this moving to NASDAQ. Also if any one has good advice for researching stocks...websites, ect. because I'm only 17 and questioning if I should invest more into this

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    • Well kid, hope you didn't buy too much or buy too high. Yesterday, I got queasy and sold enough at 5.20 to cover my initial investment at about 2.10. Staying long on the rest.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Look at PANL and do your DD on both these companys TODAY CLSN, CLSN just got a contract today for $55MM from a chinese Pharma Co result on CANCER study done world wide including China will be released before 1/31/2013. Ask yourself this why would the Chinese give a USA Company $ if they didn't think (knew) it works? Go to Universal Display and read the website go look at a Samsung S III the OLED is being adopted by ALL electonic makers this year. Luck to you.

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    • There are 2 kinds of money in my portfolio, and many others share this belief: there is investment money and play money. Investment money is 90% of the money and is invested in proven money making companies and ETF's, the investments are longer term. The play money is used to buy highly speculative stocks and for short term holdings (buy then sell after an anticipated price hike). ONVO is in my play-money category. It might make me a bundle and it might go broke. Clearly I am hoping for the former but this stock has a far, far higher chance of going broke than say GOOG. As to your question - why so high so fast ? Pump-N-dumpers love stocks like this, small stocks in "sexy" businesses. Look at the last 2 years price graph. This stock was $10 then it tumbled. Will it last ? I bought a crystal ball on Ebay but sadly it does not seem to work.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • some good advice, but not on final selection,, spend time study a group of 10-20 stock and choose two or three (but ONE stock that won't get hammered on earnings miss or other "exceedingly high expectations" = you make this your core position or about 70% so like if you had $10000 then put $7k into ONVO and scale in accordingly over 3 buys, and start only with 100-200 shares on first buy, then watch how it does in the very short term,, then buy 200-300 shares on the 2nd buy if it goes down, and 3rd buy you wait a while to execute like in a market pullback maybe in a month or so and that's where you load up the remainder),, and the other 2 you maybe put $2k into one and $1k into the other

      the other two choices need to be different sectors than the core,, so if ONVO is your core, and say you got 200 shares at $4.70 to start the scale in,,, then buy 2 shares of google as choice 2, and maybe 5 shares of Goldman Sachs as choice 3

      this example would be about $950 (considers $10 buy fee) invested in 200 shares ONVO at $4.70, leaving you about $6grand left to scale in more ONVO going forward,,, and then 2 shares of google is about $1500 and 5 shares Goldman Sachs is about $750 = this puts about 32% of the ten grand at work right away leaving plenty room to buy more in any pullback

      ONVO + GOOG + GS = an amazing starter portfolio being the best financial and the best tech

      this could mean that of the $10k , that most of it is in cash until "the market correction", but this will ensure that you have "dry powder" for when others throw in the towel

      as an investor if you can't identify the best potential company then you are troubled from the start

      that best prospect should have the lions share of your money = RULE INVESTING 4 YOUTH

      totally different rules for retirees and middle age family types

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      • DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS #$%$ he will make you go broke. If you put 70% into ONVO you are 100% retarded. No investor should have 70% in a single stock, ESPECIALLY one so volatile. You may lose 5 grand overnight with this stock. Easily.

        For a young investor, assuming you have (a much more likely 2k), look to put that into 3 stocks. You would like to put it into 20 stocks, but your commissions will probably be very high. Look at interactive brokers for cheap commisions, but assuming you can get something like $10/trade then $60 (for 3 buys and 3 sells) isn't that much of 2k.

        Just about as good as you can do with 2k would be something like $500 in ONVO, a share of apple, and 1k into annaly capital.

      • Do you want the kid to get broke? 70% of the portfolio on Onvo, you crazy?

        Kid, don't listen to him, I am long Onvo but anything above 10% of your portfolio here is gambling, and if that your style, go to the casino.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • This stock is speculative and some believe in a pump and dump play right now (look at the action this past June) while others think that investors are just taking notice of the company's potential as a leading edge company and it's goal to list on NASDAQ will prove positive. Some shorts may be covering which may be contributing to some of the latest rise. This company is technically somewhat unique (building patent portfolio), is partnering with big pharmas for near term revenue generation and working with Autodesk to create 3d software until "printing organs" becomes a reality at some unknown time in the future. It appears to have funding for the next couple of years. but that doesn't mean this rally will hold at all. Don't get emotional about the company's prospects. Consider investing a SMALL portion of your funds (look for a dip) and consider it speculative (you could lose half overnight) -add to the position as you become more familiar with the company and the trading behavior. Take anything you read on message boards, blogs, analyst articles with a grain of salt. Many people writing articles have a personal investment agenda. As for me..... I'm in at about 2.10 and long so I'm prepared for a big downturn. But I will be sell some to cover may original investment if this rapid rise continues much longer - then buy on large dips. Hope this perspective helps.

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    • This stock has been in the news a lot lately and they are collaborating with Autodesk.

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      • My advice if you're just starting out is to invest in a few solid blue chip stocks that generate steady results and maybe pay a dividend initially....once you get used to that, then start expanding...I would stick to companies like Johnson & Johnson, Altria, GE, Ford, Connoco Phillps until you get more experienced....while not huge movers they will teach you about equities and should earn a decent return for you.

        Investing in a company like this is like going to the casino, you might hit or you might get taken to the cleaners....if you do buy a speculative company like this, only invest what you can afford to lose. I would not recommend this for an initial investment unless it was a very small amount of what you have to invest.

        Good luck

    • Good that you're interested in markets at such a young age. Always invest in a large group of stocks, if you are able. 20 stocks are needed for a diversified portfolio. But, if you are talking about a small amount of money and can choose only one stock, I would leave that up to your discretion. I made many mistakes when I started investing in equities at age 33. But I learned over the years how to invest properly. I'll be buying more ONVO on Tuesday also. I wish you good luck my friend.
      At age 17, you will see some amazing things over your lifetime, like the discoveries in modern medicine, and hopefully a car that you don't have to drive. Too many idiots on the highway.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • pumpndump my friend' pumpers know this company sounds sexier than a Penthouse centerfold, combines biotech with 3d printing. But this it not the same as real 3d printing, they are not creating organs, and they are not making money. Price is at bagholder levels until more real sales.

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      • Yea right, so who are the "pumpers" that invested like 100 mil $ in last 10 trading day and how will they take it out?

      • this is the only post anyone needs to read. i have a rule of thumb, i don't buy a stock until the company has higher revenues than . . . me.

        if this company held the promise many of the science-illiterate stock junkies around here think it does, it wouldn't exist, because it would have been bought a long time ago. if you bother to follow the science you'd understand that they are far from the only people playing in this space, btw, they just have the best penny stock pr pump n' dump team, apparently.

        if your crystal ball can help you call these manufactured runs up and down, by all means, trade away and make some dough. but for god's sake, if you're an 'investor' . . . get the hell outta here while you still can, this thing has fraud written all over it.

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