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  • yzzycz yzzycz Feb 11, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    ONVO ... the traders toy

    Price/Sales (ttm): 182.35
    Enterprise Value/Revenue (ttm): 176.04
    Net Income Avl to Common (ttm): -36.49M
    % Held by Institutions
    Operating Margin (ttm): -586.37%

    What else to say...traders know how to trade, sheeps will lose this game. Clouds are the support.

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    • Run those same statistics on any number of small companies and you will see it is not that uncommon. ONVO came up with an incredibly innovative idea, and is making strides to incubate that idea into a success. Yes it may fail. Yes another approach may prove more economical to produce the same end product. Since it is a tiny (13 FT employees as of today) there is also an unusually high risk of creative brainpower being concentrated in too few people However I feel that INVO will succeed, and I see no other real competition in a publicly traded company yet. So it is my opinion - and clearly that of many others - that the potential rewards of a large gain outweigh the above, and other, risks. I am still trying to buy on the dips as I have more funds to invest and as I become better acquainted with the company, but ever since the recent spike to $6 those dips seem less frequent. If the SEC could be more effective at eliminating pumpers/dumpers and other scams that unfortunately find their way to small stocks, I would be happier (less frequent violent price swings...that $6 spike was likely a result of a pump/dump play as was the $10 spike months back) but that is unlikely going to happen.

      So why am I in ONVO ? for the same reason I wish I had a time machine and could have gotten in early on Apple, Cisco, MSFT, or any of a number of companies that created value for early investors with he luck or the vision to get in early. Since I cant find a time machine, I look for the "next big opportunity" and I find ONVO to be a candidate.

      As for traders - anyone with access to a PC can trade in this, or any, stock. I myself on occasion buy then sell the same stock on the same day (not ONVO yet, but others) - if you feel traders have some magical advantage, just become one of them. You will soon discover it is the exception and not the rule to do better than the market by flip trading, but there are times that it does work.

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      • Yes! I invested for the same reason. I was a 90's child and I always wondered why didn't everyone invest in computers early on. ONVO is one of those stocks people might be asking that same question about a decade from now. The reason why I confidently put almost all my money in onvo (I'm only 21, don't have much anyway) is because they have a groundbreaking technology with 0 public competitors. I have lots of ideas for investing in emerging tech but I realized I only wanted the stock that's going to make the most % gain with my small amount of starting capital. At the price it's at now, I'm up 100% my very first year of investing!

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