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  • knowitalllll knowitalllll Apr 4, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    3D liver tissue regenerated and will be on display Aprill 22 at EB show bigest show for bio and CEO nominated for CEO of the year...

    They are NSDQ bound..all they have to do is file the new 10k and add a few more board mebers and big boy club....todays webcast was excellent!!

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    • I had a management meeting and missed the whole thing. Can u sum please? I am a long and always add at weekness

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      • Yes, to sum it up excellent information on the new regenerated liver cells that just that is incredible..but the fact that scientist will be able along with anybody else...can view this discover of repoducing by a 3d machine ... but anybody that finds a discovery using there tech..they make money off that too...look to be 10. buy the end of summer early Autom...

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      • Here's a copy/paste of the q and a. The main presentation is saved on the retailinvestor site you can see at any time .
        Robert Frank:Who do you see as your major competitors?
        William Wong:The agenda will tell you when the presentations are but you can also view the playback afterwards
        David Gobel:is it your sense that there will be a secondary offering coincident with uplisting?
        Keith Murphy:Hi everyone, we'll give everyone a chance to view the video and then I'll begin to answer some questions.
        David Gobel:is there yet a level of confidence regarding when vascularization of tissues might succeed since this is a/the crucial rate limiter for larger tissues/patches
        Bob Wieder:How has the Obama administration helped or hindered Organovo?
        Keith Murphy:Dave, we haven't made any firm plans for a secondary offering, though of course we want to best serve investors. If and when we think an offering would create more value than the resuting dilution, we could choose to raise funds.
        David Gobel:thanks
        Keith Murphy:Dave, full vascularization of tissues is the holy grail and highest hurdle in all of tissue engineering. We've got a lot of opportunities to create value for investors short of hitting that milestone. However, we're definitely interested in achieving that over time!
        David Gobel:got it!
        David Gobel:has anyone looked at what happens to engineered tissue org and longevity in zero g environments? It's getting much cheaper to test this
        Keith Murphy:Bob, we have received federal funding from NIH and other mechanisms over time.
        Bob Wieder:THx.....the POTUS did mention 3D in his recent State of the Union address....
        Keith Murphy:Dave, we have not specifically looked at that, although research with our 3D bone models in general might be very interesting for space biology research.
        John Viglotti:Thank you Keith for introducing and updating the Virtual Investor Conference audience.

      • I second this. Someone please summarize.

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